We’re starting our latest project on Wednesday, July 10!

It’s time to get cracking on the 1580 Briarwood Avenue property for the Bah family!!! Most of this week will involve cleaning and removal: cleaning drywall, clearing yard, removing indoor trim, removing siding, etc.

The work day starts at 8:30.  If you haven’t worked with Habitat for Humanity this year, you will need to sign a release. Please arrive a few minutes early to complete the release and get ready for the work day.  Bring work gloves and safety glasses if you can, otherwise, they will be provided.

Please let Bonnie know by Tuesday morning if you can work on Wednesday, and by Thursday morning if you can work on Saturday.  Don’t forget to bring your own lunch if working on Wednesday.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Bonnie can be reached at stbrendanhabitat@gmail.com.