Eucharistic Revival

Jesus is Calling Us Deeper


Our world is hurting. We all need healing, yet many of us are separated from the very source of our strength. Jesus Christ invites us to return to the source and summit of our faith in the celebration of the Eucharist. The National Eucharistic Revival is a movement to restore understanding and devotion to this great mystery here in the United States by helping us renew our worship of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

Preparing for the Eucharistic Congress

July 17–21, 2024, tens of thousands of passionate Catholics will experience an outpouring of grace on a scale this generation has never seen. This historic moment is called the 10th National Eucharistic Congress. Catholics from every corner of the U.S. will be in Indianapolis for this transformative gathering.

The lineup of speakers and schedule of events are impressive – think of every well-known Catholic writer/presenter and you have your list! Mass and Adoration is also offered daily. Passes for the entire experience or day passes are currently available. While our parish is not formally grouping together, we will be coordinating those who are attending so they can join together at the event. All of the information and registration can be found at If you are interested in attending and connecting with others who are interested, please reach out to Jennifer at to be added to the list.

Save the date! The Eucharistic Procession that begins in New Haven, CT on May 17 will enter the Columbus Diocese on June 24! Daily Mass, Adoration and other events at different diocesan locations will occur through June 30. For more information and registration, please visit: Columbus Diocese Procession Route Events


THE YEAR OF PARISH REVIVAL: June 11, 2023 – July 17, 2024

The Revival is now reaching the pews! This year is about fostering Eucharistic devotion at the parish level, strengthening our liturgical life through the faithful celebration of the Mass, Eucharistic adoration, missions, resources, preaching, and organic movements of the Holy Spirit. The Revival gives us four invitations to deepen our devotion with suggestions and resources below.
  • Consider adding a daily Mass to your worship once a week
    • This is often a quieter, more intimate experience of the Mass that fosters deeper reflection and prayer
  • Learn WHY we do what we do within the Mass. When we know the reason at the head level, we can worship even deeper in our hearts
    • A Devotional Journey into the Mass by Christopher Carstens
    • A Biblical Walk Through the Mass by Edward Sri
  • Attend our monthly encounter night, Anchored in Adoration. Music, prayer, witness testimony, prayer teams all combine to create ways to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist and ask Him for what you need
  • Devote time to Adoration in the chapel
    • Try out 15-30 minutes and work up to an hour. The chapel is holy ground. Come experience the silence in which God speaks, the beautiful art of the stained glass and icons, and time resting with Jesus.
    • Pick up a how-to guide in the chapel
    • Pray the rosary, offer intentions of those in need, read Scriptures
    • Check out this list of ideas of what else to read during Adoration
  • Attend one of the small group programs or bigger events, all geared toward Jesus and the Eucharist this year. Check out the men’s and women’s pages and the bulletin for more information.
  • Start a small group study with friends. Choose of many books or video studies available on the Eucharist
  • Find videos on the Eucharist, Eucharistic miracles and more on FORMED
  • Join us for a special study on Jesus in the Eucharist this Lent
  • Consider the needs in your community. In thanksgiving for the gift that Jesus has given us, how can we give back in love for Him?
    • Volunteer your time in ministry here at the liturgy, help out at an event, family faith formation, visit the sick, make sandwiches or help as a caseworker for St. Vincent de Paul.
    • Use the Point app to connect to local one-time or ongoing opportunities to help others based on the causes that speak to your heart
  • Invite one back – Christmas and Easter are perfect times to invite a loved one or a friend to return to Church. Stay tuned for resources on how to have conversations, answer questions, and welcome them home.