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Real Presence Real FutureThe diocese has now concluded its key leader meetings with pastors and parishes from around the diocese. A video presentation for our area, “PLANNING GROUP 2 NORTH” is now available. Click on the “Watch This Video” button above to view it

The suggestion in the video is that we enter into a collaboration with St Margaret at some point in the future and share priests and resources like their pre school. I encourage you to take the 30 minutes during the day to watch the presentation. Feedback link expired on June 30 but check back in the future to find out what the results were.

Earlier this year (2021) the Diocese launched RPRF and the results are in…

Bishop Brennan has encouraged us to be “on mission,” that’s “on the move,” “reaching out to people, seeking those who are lost, seeking those who are in need, sharing the Joy of the Gospel and the Splendor of Truth.”  For this to happen we need to grow as missionary disciples so that we can sit at Jesus’ feet, hear Him teaching us and then, on fire with the Gospel that we have received, go out and share it with others. RPRF started with prayer. The diocese initiated the 40 Days of Adoration and Reconciliation Monday in Holy Week, both of which were great successes. And prayer and mission continue to drive the process forward. Then we, along with parishioners from across the diocese, completed a survey this spring to give each parish, and the diocese, a sense of where we are in terms of our faith journey and sense of mission. CLI, the company helping us, has told us that the Diocese of Columbus has had the best engagement of the many dioceses they have ever worked with!

You will find the results for our parish below this message. They are very encouraging for us as a parish. The strengths listed show that we are on the right track, and the opportunities listed show us that we can continue to build on them to truly become missionary disciples for this generation. The beautiful campus improvements your generosity has provided will enable us to push forward, and the expanding adoration program will help us to keep all that we do rooted in prayer as disciples who sit at the feet of Jesus.

The survey was only the beginning of your involvement. In the Fall, we will be inviting you to gather at two focus group meetings when we will go deeper together into what the results mean. Additionally, the parish leaders for RPRF will represent you at a series of area meetings. Those leaders are Fr Brown, Candace DeLuca, Rhonda Hamrock, Dan Davis, Colleen Speer, Chuck Ringwalt, and myself. The area meetings will be opportunities for parishes to discuss avenues to share resources. The deacons and parish staff are also participating.

To learn more about Real Presence, Real Future, and to sign up for updates, please visit the RPRF website:

I am very excited about this process and have been blessed to be part of the group that helped the bishop get this initiative started. Please join me in praying for its success!

God bless,
Fr Bob

Real Presence Real Future

Real Presence Real Future Real Presence Real Future