OneFaith: Family Faith Formation


OneFaith: Family Faith Formation is St. Brendan the Navigator’s faith formation program for students in grades K-8 who do not currently attend St. Brendan school

It is one program for the whole family to do together that utilizes both digital content as well as a hands-on workbook, anchored by a monthly gathering here at the parish.

OneFaith is a program that helps parents respond to God’s call to be the “primary educators of [their] children” in the faith. It is created to support your family in growing in relationship with God and in knowledge of the Catholic Church’s teachings and practices. More than your children receiving the intellectual tradition of the Church, they will see its lived reality in your home as we assist you in building the Domestic Church!

Lessons need only simple preparation with easy-to-understand content and step-by-step instructions for each activity, helping you to gain knowledge of the Faith and confidence as you teach it.

Parents learn along with the children. We walk with you every step of the way – you are not alone!

OneFaith is simple, flexible, & effective

        • There is just one program for your whole family (with extra lessons for children in Sacramental Prep years). No need to worry about multiple lessons or books for each of your children!
        • This program gets back to the foundational teachings of the Church with a focus on encouraging personal holiness!
        • The program requires 45-60 minutes of time to complete weekly. When you meet is up to your family’s schedule and what works best for you!
        • There are a variety of activities to choose from, you don’t have to do them all! Choose which ones work best for your children’s needs.
        • The program allows space for your family to discover the unique charisms, saints, devotionals, & missions of the Church that draw your hearts closer to God.
        • There’s no silver bullet to keeping a kid Catholic. But, we know that nothing can replace the impact that mom or dad living out their faith and sharing it with their children has on a young person’s decision to continue practicing their faith into adulthood!
        • By empowering parents to feel confident in sharing their Catholic faith with their children we are doing out best to ensure that the Faith is passed to a new generation in the most organic way, through the family!

OneFaith: Family Faith Formation is for all St. Brendan parish families with children in grades K-8 who do not currently attend Catholic School.


Our deepest desire is that every person, especially each of our parishioners at St. Brendan, knows the deep & transforming love of God the Father, poured out in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. That each person would know they can receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and the assurance of God’s forgiveness in the confessional. That every person would know, and live, the riches of Catholic Social Teaching. That each person would know the support and encouragement of the Communion of Saints!

But, 41% of children who were raised Catholic no longer practice the Faith! Our Church misses each of them; we are lacking because we have lost their presence and their unique calls to be the light of God in this world. And so we are seeking a solution to reverse the loss!

Studies show that parents living and sharing their faith has the most effective impact on a child’s decision to continue practicing their faith into adulthood.

Recognizing that parents are the most organic & effective transmitters of the Faith to their children, we have created OneFaith: Family Faith Formation. This program seeks to empower parents in that role to help them share their Catholic faith with their children.

At Baptism, the Church asks parents if they accept the responsibility to form their child in the practice of the faith. This program is designed to give you the tools and confidence to live out that promise!

Was it hard to get to class every week? This program gives your family the flexibility to decide when to gather for your lessons. Our hope is that faith formation becomes less a burden and more a joy for our families, a time they genuinely look forward to gathering and spending time together.

This isn’t just a program but a way of life. We will provide your family with the tools needed to not just simply teach the Faith, but live it!



Faith Formation certainly doesn’t end with Confirmation!

We are so proud of our high school youth ministry program, The Vine, which provides high school students the opportunity to encounter God and grow in their faith alongside their peers. We encourage your children to attend, especially on 2nd Sundays with the whole family!

We also have a variety of videos, books, links, & more available on our Parent Resources page and our High School Resources page to help you continue sharing the faith with your older teens!

School families who want to utilize the OneFaith resources are absolutely welcome to register here!



January 2022

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