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Because we can no longer have a book of intentions to write in the gathering space, to be sure that your prayer requests are added to our intentions at Mass, please use this forum.  You can be general or specific and also have the option to keep in anonymous. To add a prayer to our prayer wall, please click on the “Share Your Prayer Request” button below. To let someone know you prayed for them, click on the “I Prayed for This” button.

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Please pray for my Aunt Helen who was recently diagnosed with ALS. Please pray for my dad who is in pain and needs surgery. Please pray for my grandma who is now in hospice and has many difficult days and nights. Please pray for my friend with cancer. I am praying that God will place the right care providers in their lives and that all of those who are in need of medical care receive all that they need to be well.

Received: August 3, 2020

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Bulletin Prayer Requests

To request a name be added to the bulletin prayer list, please click here and fill out the form.  Names are kept on the list for at least 3 months in an effort to pray for those most in need and best minister to them. If a person needs to continue on the prayer list after this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Some may be permanently on the list.

Please remember in your prayers:

Noreen Marcinick –  Diana Evans –  Rai Oliver –  Bob Suchy –  Kevin Ferguson –  Mary Frick –  Sandra Dugan –  Pat Wiggins –  Richard Glenn –  Elisabeth Skipworth –  Michelle Murphy Delio – Elyse Latella –  Rita Blateri –  Jeanette Smith –  Fred Maldonato –  Jennifer King –  Doug Betts –  Amy Buzenski –  Scott Kuhlman –  Mary Jo Flickinger –  Jim Fornadel – Richard MacWood –  Marvin Payne –  Diane Wiggins –  Gene Chervenat –  Michael Brunner –  Jim Portman –  Mary Murray –  Donald Burton –  Lee Nichols –  Jim Logue –  Joyce Brown – Joe Miele  – Amaya Brousseau –  Connie Bakunas – Kathy Furman -Helen Nemecek – Tracy Rowland – Debra Block – Patrick Smith – Melissa Smith – Michele Hazzard – And all healthcare workers and first responders

Those Who Have Died and Their Families:

Fred Bice

Please pray for all of our men & women in service to our country, especially:

Christopher Keck –  Bram Carney –  Kyle Mullins –  Andre Racanelli –  Jeff Abraham –  Tony Dugan –  Aaron Huseman –  Eric Wehrum –  Alex Parker –  Mark Jackson –  Jacob Ritzenthaler –  Nicholas Ritzenthaler –  Michael Ritzenthaler –  Connor Karman –  Patrick Karman –  Aaron Grieshop –  Scott Smitson