Prayer Groups

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesdays – 8:45 AM – 10 AM Simple Adoration and Confessions in church

Wednesdays – 6 PM – 7 PM -Solemn Adoration, Confessions, and Benediction in the church

Fridays – 8:45 AM – 10 AM Simple Adoration and Confessions in church

Saturdays – 8:45 AM – 10 AM Simple Adoration and Confessions in the church

Our Lady of Fatima Rosary

This group meets once a month to pray the rosary together in the grotto. Check the calendar or the bulletin for dates. Come join us!


Please remember in your prayers:

Noreen Marcinick – Mike Boesch – Diana Evans – Rai Oliver – Bob Suchy – Kevin Ferguson – Mary Frick – Sandra Dugan – Pat Wiggins – Gil Plummer – Marianne Ewing – Annie Riggs – Michelle Murphy Delio –  Elyse Latella – Rita Blateri – Jeanette Smith – Fred Maldonato – Jennifer King – Doug Betts – Amy Buzenski – Scott Kuhlman – Mary Jo Flickinger – Jim Fornadel – Dave Stutey – Richard MacWood – Marvin Payne – Diane Wiggins – Gene Chervenat – Elisabeth Skipworth

Those Who Have Died and Their Families:

Janice Ray

Bill Sauer


Those in active military service to our country:
Christopher Keck  – Bram Carney – Kyle Mullins – Jeff Abraham – Andre Racanelli – Tony Dugan – Aaron Huseman – Eric Wehrum – Alex Parker – Mark Jackson – Jacob, Nicholas, and Michael Ritzenthaler – Connor Karman – Patrick Karman – Aaron Grieshop


To add someone to the prayer list, fill out the form below.  Names are kept on the list for at least 3 months in an effort to pray for those most in need and best minister to them. If a person needs to continue on the prayer list after this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Some may be permanently on the list.

Prayer Request

If you would like us to pray for someone, please fill out the form below. We will add him/her to our book of intentions and pass along to our prayer partners. If you would like his/her name added to the prayer list in the bulletin or on this site, please check yes.
  • Please use first name only if you do not want the name public on our list; first and last for public prayer list.