Safety & Access Management

For Staff Members, Parishioners, and Volunteers

St Brendan the Navigator
Safety and Access Management

Revised 4-18-2023

The intent of this document is to provide guidance with respect to safety and security on the St Brendan campus and the essential component of this guidance is access management.  Therefore,  St Brendan the Navigator balances accessibility and use of parish facilities with the need to provide a safe and secure environment.

These guidelines were developed for the protection of all who are on the St Brendan campus with a particular emphasis on children and youth, which includes all those attending our parish school, Evangelization and Catechesis programs, various parish events, and parish-sponsored off-site events.

Our overarching parish goal is to convey a message that we are welcoming to all who come onto our parish campus, but, concurrently, we must recognize that special care must be provided for the safety of our children and youth.

The Parish Office administrative staff and school administrative staff are jointly responsible for the safety and access management for the St Brendan Parish campus.

Keys and Electronic Access

  • For the purpose of these guidelines, the term “access devices” refers to keys, electronic fobs, badges, pin codes, etc.
  • All access devices are the sole property of St Brendan the Navigator Parish.
  • Access devices for the entire St Brendan campus are distributed, tracked, and maintained at the Parish Office.
  • The Parish Office will be open for access management tasks Monday through Thursday from 9AM-4PM and on Friday from 9AM-Noon.
  • Both permanent and temporary authorization for an access device is granted by the following individuals:
    • Pastor
    • Parochial Vicar
    • Business Manager
    • School Principal
    • Administrative Services Coordinator
  • The distribution of access devices is based upon required access privileges.
  • All distributed access devices must be returned at the expiration of the service term, completion of project/event, or end of employment.

School Faculty and Staff – Issuance of Access Devices and Equipment
St Brendan School faculty and staff are issued access devices, laptops, etc. for the duration of the school year.

At the end of each school year, all school employees not scheduled during the summer recess must return their access devices and all assigned equipment (computer, laptop, etc.) to the Parish Office.

Access devices and equipment are reissued at the beginning of each school year.

Loaning Access Devices
Any person issued an access device may not loan or transfer the assigned device to another party.

Lost Access Devices
Loss of assigned access devices by employees and parishioners exposes St Brendan parish to considerable financial and security risks.  Therefore, those individuals given access devices must exercise great care to ensure that the issued devices are in their control at all times.

  • All lost or stolen access devices must be reported to the Parish Office within 24 hours (614.876.1272 ext. 222 or via email Based on the factors involved, the Business Manager will make a decision whether or not to replace the access device or have the lock rekeyed or replaced.  Costs incurred by replacement may be charged to the individual or to the individual’s department or organization.
  • If an individual or group loses an access device more than one time, there will be a fine levied (up to a maximum of $200) against the individual or organization.  If an employee loses the access device the fine will be payroll deduction.  By signing this document, you are giving permission to withhold, as a payroll deduction, any fine charged for any lost access devices.

Safe Environment Program
St Brendan is mandated to participate in the Diocese of Columbus Safe Environment Program.  This program provides for background checks (BCI&I and/or FBI) and training through the Protecting God’s Children Class.  The goal of the program is to protect the children and youths who are students in our school, participating in our Evangelization and Catechesis programs, or any other type of parish event where adults have the care and custody of children and youths.  The program requirements apply to faculty/staff, parishioners, volunteers, visitors, and private contractors and vendors.  More specifically, the program provides very specific guidelines for anyone who has the care and custody of children and youths.  The details and requirements of the program are in Appendix A (at the end of this document).

Individuals who have completed the Safe Environment Program requirements will have a photo badge generated at the Parish Office. All adult volunteers also agree to fill out a form that we will keep on file at the parish office stating they have read and will adhere to our Code Of Conduct for volunteers available HERE.

School Entry and Exit
All parties (except for designated individuals) entering the school during office hours (Monday through Friday 7:30AM-4PM) must enter through the main school entrance and immediately proceed to the school office for clearance by means of a driver’s license/ID scanning procedure.  Parties who have completed the Safe Environment Program requirement and who have a photo badge must still complete the scan.  The driver’s license/ID scan provides school administration with an immediate response as to whether or not the entering party is a registered sex offender. This procedure provides an additional layer of security for our students.

  • The School Secretary or designee has the responsibility for screening and granting access to school building entrants.
  • If the results of the driver’s license/ID scan disqualify a person from school entry, the individual will be discreetly notified and school administration will take appropriate action to protect this confidential information.
  • If the entering party is given clearance, a temporary badge/sticker is provided and entry to the school granted.
  • The temporary badge must be visibly worn on outer clothing and collected by the School Secretary or designee at the end of the visit.
  • If a party does not present a driver’s license/ID, entry to the school will be denied.
  • All those leaving the school during office hours must stop by the School Office before exiting.

School Access for Visitors and Guests

If a faculty/staff member is expecting a visitor, it is appreciated if the School Secretary is notified.  All school visitors will be required to complete the driver’s license/ID scan prior to entry beyond the school office.  On occasion, a faculty or staff member may be asked to escort the visitor beyond the school office area.

Parish Access Management
Designated Parish Office staff members will have the responsibility to:

  • Establish and maintain keying and security systems for the purpose of safety and reasonable access.
  • Maintain centralized access device control records with the Business Manager granting final approval for access device issuance.
  • Procure and issue access devices.
  • Securely store all unassigned access devices.
  • Activate and deactivate access devices as required.
  • Manage the electronic access systems for the campus.

If an access request is approved, the access device must be obtained in person from the Parish Office.  Children will not be permitted to accept access devices on behalf of their parents.

It is understood that loaned access devices MUST be returned to the Parish Office by the specified date and to facilitate the return the device may be placed in the secure mailbox at the Parish Office entrance.  The device should be placed in an envelope noting the name of the person or organization returning the access device.  It is also understood that access devices will not be duplicated, loaned or made available to others.

General Rules Related to Access
The holder of an access device (whether temporary or permanent) for any parish area assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the device and its use.

  • Individuals with access privileges may not utilize parish spaces for personal activities.  All usage must be for parish or school sanctioned events/meetings.
  • The school entrance for Kids Zone (before and after school childcare program) is only for parents dropping off or picking up their children.  It is not to be used as an entry point for people attending meetings or events in the school.
  • School doors, with the exception of the playground doors, are used for emergency exits and alarmed at all times.
  • Exterior doors may not be propped open for any reason which may allow unauthorized access.
  • Ministry/event leaders should take measures to prevent piggybacking entries
  • It is essential that all doors are securely locked after departure.

In the school, it is essential that parish faculty and staff members should ask individuals without an issued badge, either temporary or permanent, to accompany them to the School Office for clearance.  If there is any resistance or behavior of a threatening or suspicious nature encountered, the School Principal, Business Manager, or designee will immediately be contacted and a 911 call generated.

Violation of any of the requirements in these guidelines may result in suitable corrective action, up to and including loss of access privileges, civil and criminal prosecution and termination of employment (if the party is an employee).

The Pastor or Business Manager reserves the right to request the return of an access device at any time.

St Brendan Room Scheduling Guidelines as Related to Safety and Access
Revised 6.15.2021

Master Calendar Scheduling
PLEASE NOTE: Room reservations are for St Brendan Parish Ministries/Organizations only at this time. St Brendan maintains a master calendar of all bookings for available campus meeting spaces. Below are the spaces that are typically available and the corresponding capacity:


The master calendar is maintained by the parish office staff with Dina Harder as the primary “keeper of the calendar” and all its content.  Therefore, all calendar scheduling should be directed to 614.876.1272 or Dina Harder at

The majority of the space scheduling takes place in the spring each year when parish departments and ministries are contacted to submit their date/location requests for the upcoming year (July 1 through June 30). Parish liturgical events, Evangelization and Catechesis (MEC) programming/events and the school are given priority in scheduling spaces.  After those two groups are scheduled, the parish ministry and organization requests are added to the master calendar It is important that space scheduling requests are submitted according to the requested timeline to expedite this process.

Each scheduled meeting or event must have the name of the responsible party and his/her contact number and email address attached to the reservation. The Parish Office staff will determine the automatic door opening and closing times for events based on the detailed information provided by the contact person for each event.

After the master calendar is updated each department/group is sent a list confirming their scheduled dates/times for the upcoming year.

Scheduling Guidelines
Parish activities may not be scheduled on the parish campus on holidays observed by the parish staff because there is no staff support on site.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Monday after Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Christmas Eve or Day after Christmas

Parish activities may not be scheduled during Masses, liturgical events, and special events as noted below. There may be additional days around Christmas, Easter and the Parish Festival when parish activities may not be scheduled in the Multipurpose Room.

  • Weekend Masses
  • Solemnity of the Assumption
  • Solemnity of All Saints
  • Advent Penance Service
  • Christmas Eve (day & evening)
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Parish Mission Week (days and evenings)
  • Lenten Penance Service
  • Palm Sunday Weekend
  • Holy Week
  • Easter Weekend
  • Parish Festival Weekend
  • Special Parish Events (these may change each year)
  • June – VBS/MEC programs are the only events scheduled in the school while VBS is in session.
  • July – All school spaces are not available because of scheduled maintenance projects.

Select Times When Activities May Not be Scheduled
Elementary school-age children’s activities – must be scheduled to end by 9 PM.

  • CYO (high school)/adult athletic activities – must be scheduled to end by 10:30 PM.
  • Adult activities – must be scheduled to end by 10:30 PM.
  • When St Brendan School and/or parish campus is closed due to inclement weather ALL activities are cancelled for that day and evening…no access to any St Brendan space permitted.
  • When St Brendan School is closed for teacher in-service days, teacher grading days, teacher comp days, or school-only holidays, events scheduled in the school must end by 3:00 PM.
  • Private gym time may not be scheduled…gym will only be reserved/used by approved groups and not for individuals.

Additions/Modifications to the Calendar throughout the Year

There will be many occasions throughout the year when there is new programming and/or events that must be added to the calendar. It is imperative that the person responsible for the event notifies the Receptionist (preferably via email…Dina Harder at of the space request with the proposed date/time and name of the new event.

If a previously scheduled ministry or organization event must be moved from its time/space to accommodate a new event, it is our goal find alternative spaces so each group may be accommodated.

It is also important to notify the Receptionist as soon as possible if you will NOT be using a space that you have scheduled.  This frees up space for other groups.
Also, if you have booked two locations for an event/meeting but actually will only use one space, please notify the Receptionist as soon as you can so we can free up the space and the bulletin listing (when applicable) notes the correct location.

Facilities Assistance with Scheduled Events

If your group has scheduled an event that requires tables, chairs, and other equipment or resources that are kept in a secured area, you must request assistance from the Facilities Management team.  The Facilities staff members will be able to access the secured areas prior to the event and assist with replacing the items after the event has ended.

To schedule the use of a Facilities staff member please email your request to Dina Harder at or to Tom Kollar, Business Manager, at

It is important to notify the Parish Office at the time an event is scheduled if you will require specific equipment and resources.  Also, certain events will require a Facilities staff member on site outside of normal business hours to assist during the event. We ask for two (2) weeks’ notice prior to the event so we may schedule a Facilities staff member.

Appendix A
Safe Environment Program

The Diocesan Safe Environment Program is designed to protect all children and youths in our parish.  Therefore, whether you are an employee or a volunteer with the care and custody of children and youths, the requirements are listed below.  And, we encourage all our parish volunteers, regardless of their roles, to follow the same requirements.  Thank you.

Protecting God’s Children Class

Who is required to take the class?

The following adults are required to attend a Protecting God’s Children class:
· All parish, school and diocesan employees, regardless of their level of contact with children.
· All clergy and applicants to clerical formation who serve in the Diocese.
· All volunteers in a school, program or ministry for children and youth, regardless of their level of contact with children.
· Volunteers for other parish programs or ministries who have been delegated care, custody or control of children.

How do I register for the class?
· All class registration is online at

Background Check (fingerprinting)

Who must have a background check?
· All paid diocesan, parish and school staff members, regardless of their level of contact with children.
· All volunteers in a school, program or ministry for children and youth, regardless of their level of contact with children.
· All volunteers who have been delegated care, custody, or control of children or youth.
· Anyone returning after a significant gap (1-1/2 years) in volunteer service.

BCI&I Check is required…
· If volunteer or applicant has lived in Ohio for the past 5 consecutive years.
· All requests for BCI&I civilian background checks must be submitted electronically through WebCheck. Locations are listed by county on the Ohio Attorney General’s website.

FBI Check is required…
If volunteer or applicant has lived outside of Ohio at any time during the past 5 years.
· All requests for FBI civilian background checks must be submitted electronically through WebCheck.
· Before scheduling an appointment with your local law enforcement agency, make sure they have the capability to do FBI checks electronically.
BCII has also provided new guidance on the codes our employees and volunteers should provide as the reason they are being fingerprinted…
· All volunteers, parish and school, should use ORC 2151.86.
· All parish employees should also use ORC 2151.86.
· School employees (non-teaching) should use ORC 3319.39B1.
· Teachers should use ORC 3319.39B3.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) has now determined that while the Diocesan Safe Environment Program is allowed to provide copies of background reports to the parishes and schools, the reverse process violates the FBI policy against third party dissemination.  To be compliant, effective October 1, 2015, ALL background reports will have to come from the BCI&I directly to the Diocesan Safe Environment Program.  We will no longer be legally permitted to accept reports, or copies of reports, from parishes, schools, agencies, or individuals.  The Diocesan Safe Environment Program’s address is:

Safe Environment Program
Diocese of Columbus
197 E. Gay Street
Columbus OH 43215

Moving forward, those being newly entered into the Diocesan background check database will need to be handled in the following manner:
· If a person has been fingerprinted within the last 30 days, that person may contact the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) and request a copy of that report be sent to the Diocesan Safe Environment Program.  This report will be free.
· If the most recent report was completed more than 30 days previously, but less than 12 months previously, that person may make a written request to the BCI&I to have a copy sent to the Diocesan Safe Environment Program.  This report will cost $8.
· If the most recent report for a new employee or volunteer with minors is older than 12 months, the person will need to be re-printed and have a new background check conducted.  BCI&I does not provide copies of reports older than 12 months.

Questions on the processing of background reports may be directed to Regina E. Quinn, Manager, Safe Environment Program, at or 614-241-2568.

Record Keeping
The Diocese receives and retains the background check results (both BCI&I and FBI) and the verification of Protecting God’s Children class attendance.

This information is then made available to the individual parishes so we know which of our employees, volunteers, etc. have completed the PGC Class and the background check requirements.  Please note that criminal background reports are treated confidentially by both the Diocese and our parish.

Individuals with no break in service who are transferring between diocesan parishes can request that their information is transferred to St Brendan’s for retention in our parish database.

After St Brendan’s receives verification that both the Protecting God’s Children class and the background check have been successfully completed, the volunteer is then ready for a badge.  We strongly encourage the badges to be worn when volunteering with children/youth.  Please contact the Parish Office to make arrangements for your volunteer badge.
So, if you have any questions or would like to know if we have received verification of your PGC class attendance and the background check information, please contact the parish office at 614.876.1272.

Safe Environment Program Update:  In accordance with federal rules, in July 2013 we designated the Diocesan Safe Environment Program as the central repository of ALL background checks, both state (BCI&I) and federal (FBI).  Therefore, the Diocesan Manager is responsible for the collection and maintenance of the background checks.  And, we then directed that all background check reports must be sent directly to the Diocesan Safe Environment Program office.
 Important Timeline
Since PGC class and background check information is not initially received at St Brendan’s, please note that we cannot always respond as quickly as wished by new volunteers.

If you are a new volunteer, please contact the Parish Office at least one week in advance of your initial volunteering date so we can make sure that all the required documentation is in place and that we are ready to generate your volunteer photo badge. Make sure you have also filled out and returned a Volunteer Code of Conduct form available HERE

If someone waits until the last minute we may not be able to assist them!