Policies for Ministry Leaders


The calendar in which all meetings and events are scheduled on the St. Brendan Campus for Liturgical, Faith Formation, School, and the St. Brendan Parish Ministries.

Room reservations are scheduled based on a first come, first-serve basis, provided that any additional requirements and/or fees have been fulfilled.

If there should be a conflict between 2 or more groups for a specific space on a certain date, the groups’ priority is listed below:

  1. Church: Liturgical and Parish events
  2. Faith Formation: Religious Education, Sacramental Preparation, and Special Events
  3. School: School Events (i.e. Musicals, Parent/Teacher Conferences, etc.) School Programs (i.e. Math Club, etc.), Open House etc.
  4. Ministries: All other Parish Ministries
    a. All requirements/fees (if applicable) must be satisfied before reservations are approved for scheduling.


To schedule a room on campus, use must use the online Room Reservation Request Form located at the bottom of the any page on the church website at www.stbrendans.net. The reservation request will be submitted to the administrative office for approval. For Parish-wide events (which includes attendance from the entire Parish), please first present your idea to the Director of Missionary Discipleship for planning and support for your event.

  • Resources – Any items required for an event should be requested at the time the room reservation request form is submitted. (i.e. microphones, PIN Code for pantry, AV Equipment, podium, etc.)
  • Door Schedule – The door schedule you prefer for your event should be requested on the Room Reservation Request Form. The door schedule is based on the set-up time + the event time + the clean-up time.  Someone in charge of the event must be on-site when the door schedule is in effect so that the space is not left unlocked and unattended.  Specific door access can be requested on the room reservation request form but must meet the approval of the administrative office, Teresa Boyne, who ensures the appropriate doors are used for each event.
  • Badge Access – An accessible badge may be issued to a Leader or Auxiliary Leader of a Ministry/Organization depending on the nature of the event. Badges are issued by the Teresa Boyne, of the Administrative Office.  A request for an accessible badge must be submitted with the room reservation request form, no less than 5 days prior to the event
  • PIN Code – a unique number assigned to the Leader of a Ministry/Organization or an Event for the use of dry goods and or AV equipment in the Davidson Rd. Meeting Hall.
      • Liturgical PIN – assigned for parish special events.
      • Ministry PIN – For those ministries who have paid the consumable fees, the ministry will be issued a annual PIN Code at the time the group’s calendar events have been approved for the calendar.
      • Single Use PIN – a one off meeting or special event requested by a ministry.
  • Room Set-Up Request (if applicable) – a custom room set up can be requested when submitting a room reservation request by a Ministry/Organization. If a custom setup is not requested the room will be set up in the default setting.  See manual in room for default room setting details.
  • Room Cancellation – If an event needs to be cancelled from the Parish calendar, the following policies are now in effect:
      • If an event must be canceled during the week (Monday through Friday), the Parish Office must be notified by no later than 11:00 AM, the same day of the event.
      • If an event must be canceled for a weekend (Saturday & Sunday) event, the Parish Office must be notified no later than Friday at 11:00 AM.
  • If an event is cancelled and the Parish Office has not been notified, there may be a fee charged to the Ministry/Organization for overtime incurred by the Parish if a Parish Staff Member is scheduled to work for that specific event, outside his/her normal work hours.