Construction Updates 12.18.19

The first phase of our ONE Campaign expansion is well underway. All of the significant water and sewer line work is now complete for this phase and most of the concrete foundations have been poured. Steel framing for the Learning Center and new offices is well underway, and the early stages of demolition of the “point” of the gathering space—which will soon house the Adoration Chapel—has begun. Workers are also putting the finishing touches on the new meeting space roof, with a goal of having this construction “under cover” by the end of the month. Stay tuned for final renderings of our stained glass windows, chapel icons and a new outdoor statue, and pray for the safety and comfort of our workers as colder weather approaches.


Construction Updates 12.18.19 Construction Updates 12.18.19 Construction Updates 12.18.19 Construction Updates 12.18.19 Construction Updates 12.18.19

Construction Update 11.18.19

Campus Update

When you come to campus, please be aware that one of our man hole covers was damaged and is now being covered as shown below. This is especially important to keep in mind when we get snowfall that will cover it up. Please drive cautiously around campus as we continue with our exciting construction work!

Thank you!


Outdoor Steps Closed

Outdoor Steps Closed

The steps from the church to Wellnitz Hall are now part of the construction zone for several weeks, while water and sewer pipes are laid from Dublin Road to the site. You will not be able to access them from either direction.

Parishioners coming to mass in the mornings are invited to use the front entrance to the offices and go down the internal stairs, or to park in the lower parking lot. Please note that the office access is limited to the morning mass and adoration period for security reasons.

– Fr Bob

Construction Update 10.13.19

Things are moving along in our construction project, which means we have some big updates to announce that will affect our current use of campus. Please take a moment to review the exciting projects scheduled for the month of October and resulting campus changes.

On October 14, the removal of stone and wood trim on the existing entrance will begin. This will necessitate the movement of daily Mass to Wellnitz Hall from October 14 through October 25. Beginning October 16, Wednesday School Mass will be held in the MPR through December 1.

On October 19, the new airlock entrance will be available to use for entry into the church on weekends only.

October 21 will bring several exciting changes to our campus. The first delivery of Structural steel will arrive, staged on the concrete slab (section A) inside the construction zone. This means that no parking will be affected. We will begin demolition of the current existing church entrance. However, the new airlock entrance, the deck entrance, and the Davidson Rd entrance will remain open on weekends to allow use of the Church Proper.

October 25 will tentatively see the pouring of slab concrete on sections B&C. This will allow major steel work to happen all through November.

The goal is to have steel erection complete by December 1 so that we can use the new airlock entrance every day to enter the church.

As always, if you have any questions, please direct them to Tom Kollar, business manager at


Construction Update 8.28.19

Hello Parish Family,

Here is what to be aware of when you come to campus this week! Be on the lookout for signage directing traffic and parking.

The new entrance to the church will be constructed after Labor Day. While this is in progress, the East doors of the main entrance will be closed. Please use the West doors of the main entrance to get into the Church.

Construction Updates 8.21.19

Hello Parish Family,

Here is what to be aware of when you come to campus this week! Be on the lookout for new signage directing traffic and parking.

A. The driveway between the school and church (from Davidson Rd) is now closed. Please use the entrance from Dublin Rd, which winds up the south side of campus by the rectory if you are coming to campus during the week.

A1. During the weekend, the West Davidson Road driveway will be open for both entry and exit.

B. The 10 Commandments memorial is being moved by Corna-Kokosing in the next week or two. The accompanying name bricks have been moved by the Knights of Columbus and are being safely stored until it is time to re-install them at the end of our project.

C. An air-lock will be made next to the main entrance of the church, where the “store-front windows” are. (This is the area where the trailer is placed for Thanksgiving donations, etc.) Both sets of doors at the main entry will be available through this weekend.

D. An additional entrance to the church from Davidson Rd has been added. A new sidewalk has been constructed, and the entrance is now usable for weekend Masses.

D1. Parking for this entrance (for weekend Masses only) will be in front of the school. The East half of the driveway in front of the school will be reserved for handicap parking. The West half will be available for general parking.

E. The old school main entrance is now closed. The new, temporary main entrance is located next to the playground. Please be mindful that adults are not allowed in the playground area during recess time, should you be coming to school for any reason. Visitors are still required to sign-in when they arrive.

E1. There will be a new procedure to pick up and drop off students at the school, located at the back of the school building. School families should refer to communications from Mr. Gruber for details.

F. The Kids Zone entrance is located at the south-side cafeteria doors.

G. When entering campus from Dublin Road, turn RIGHT after crossing the bridge if you are planning on attending daily Mass or going to the parish office.

G1. School traffic will be turning LEFT after crossing the bridge.

H. Please note the areas of the parking lot that will be blocked off beginning Monday, August 12. We will have “mobile” handicap signs designating new handicap parking, so please be aware of these when you come to campus.

I. Laurinitis Drive and the lower Wellnitz Parking lot will be closed for Masses. Access will remain for handicap parking during events held in Wellnitz Hall. All general access to Wellnitz Hall will need to come through the main office doors.