Construction Updates 8/14/19


Hello Parish Family,

Here is what to be aware of when you come to campus this week! Be on the lookout for new signage directing traffic and parking.

A. The driveway between the school and church (from Davidson Rd) is now closed. Please use the entrance from Dublin Rd, which winds up the south side of campus by the rectory if you are coming to campus during the week.

A1. During the weekend, the East Davidson Road driveway will be open for both entry and exit.

B. The 10 Commandments memorial is being moved by Corna-Kokosing in the next week or two. The accompanying name bricks have been moved by the Knights of Columbus and  are being safely stored until it is time to re-install them at the end of our project.

C. An air-lock will be made next to the main entrance of the church, where the “store-front windows” are. (This is the area where the trailer is placed for Thanksgiving donations, etc.) Work will begin on the air-lock on Monday, August 12. Both sets of doors at the main entry will be available for use for the next two weeks.

D. An additional entrance to the church from Davidson Rd has been added. A new sidewalk has been constructed, and the entrance is now usable for weekend Masses.

D1. Parking for this entrance (for weekend Masses only) will be in front of the school. The West half of the driveway in front of the school will be reserved for handicap parking. The East half will be available for general parking. Continue reading “Construction Updates 8/14/19”

Construction Updates 8/8/19


Hello Parish Family,

THANK YOU! We did it. Thank you for your generous pledges, support, and gifts towards the ONE Campaign.

Most of us wake up to sounds of the alarm, radio, kids, or birds in the morning. A song from long ago had a verse that went “Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going on.” This week here on campus we will be hearing a few different sounds.

This week we will start construction on Phase 1 of our expansion of the St Brendan Campus. The team here is excited with all the activity which started last week; the movement of construction trailers and building materials onto campus grounds. This Monday, August 12, we will hear more sounds of progress.

The staff and I will be keeping you informed about traffic flow, parking, door closures, and progress pictures as we build our expansion. In addition, we will be publishing information, maps, and pictures on all our parish and school communication platforms.

Here is what will be happening for the next few weeks (see accompanying map below): Continue reading “Construction Updates 8/8/19”