Scheduling, Preparation, & Certificates


To support you in this significant moment for family, friends and the entire parish, the Parish Office staff will assist you with the process. If you are a registered parishioner, a non-registered family residing in the parish boundaries or a family with a strong connection to the parish, click here to request Baptism for your child or infant.

We schedule baptisms for

a) current members

b) new members who meet the active and participating criteria for six months 

c) for non-members who reside in the parish boundaries

You may also schedule a baptism here if you have moved away from this parish and you wish to return here where others in your family maintain membership. If you do not meet these criteria you can still have your child baptized here but you must obtain the written permission of the pastor of the Catholic parish in whose boundaries you reside. Without this we will not be able to assist you.

Baptism Preparation Class

Proper preparation is essential so we require parents to attend 2 Baptism Preparation Classes in our new Program called CLAIM before the baptism of the first child. We require you to repeat the classes if it has been two years or more since you last attended. Ideally both parents should attend the preparation session, but we only require one parent to attend.

The Classes are typically held on the 1st Sunday of most months at 12 – 1 PM in Wellnitz Hall which is in the building to the right and forward of the Church where our old parish offices used to be located (behind the Ten Commandment statue). Class dates may change because of liturgical events or holidays, but schedule changes are noted on this website and in the parish bulletin, and on the Baptism Request Form. Please fill out the form or contact the Parish Office to register for the Baptism Preparation Class (614.876.1272 or


If you are having two godparents, there may be one male godparent and one female godparent, but not two godmothers or two godfathers. If you having only one godparent you may have either gender.

It is very important when you are selecting godparents that you select individuals who are at least 16 years of age and one godparent must be a baptized and confirmed Catholic and currently active in the Catholic faith.  The Pastor reserves the right to postpone the baptism if a family presents godparents who do not fulfill this criteria until such godparents are found.

A Christian witness may replace one of the godparents but he or she must be from a Christian community whose baptism we recognize. Therefore, we will ask you to provide the religious denomination of the non-Catholic godparent when completing the registration for the baptism.

Also, we recommend a minimum stipend of $35 for the priest or deacon baptizing your child.

After the baptism, we generate the baptism certificate and it is mailed to the parents.

Replacement Baptismal Certificates

To obtain a baptism certificate, please email your request to  We will need the name of the person at the time of his or her baptism, the parent’s full names (including mother’s maiden name) and the approximate date of the baptism.  We will also need a contact name, address, phone number and email address for questions and to mail the certificate.

Please allow two business days for us to generate and mail the certificate.  Thank you!