Paint scraping, repairs, and painting scheduled for this week

This past Saturday, we loaded the Habitat truck with our concrete and stone debris, did some cleaning, reinforced the front steps, laid the remaining stepping stones, installed a mounting block for the front steps light, repaired the mullion on the storm windows above the driveway, filled in missing corner trim pieces where the porch and trellis had attached to the house, and continued caulking the wood siding.  See here for recent photos.

We will work again on Wednesday and Saturday this week. We would like to finish the paint scraping, repair the eave on the west side of the house, complete caulking the wood siding, windows and doors, and begin painting! More and more neighbors are stopping by to thank us for what we are doing to the property—wait until they see the house with some fresh paint!

If you can join us on Wednesday, please let Bonnie know by Tuesday morning. If you can join us on Saturday, please let Bonnie know Thursday morning. She can be reached at  Please bring your own lunch on either work day.

Thanks in advance for your help!