ParishStaq is our new church management software and will soon be replacing Flocknote, so if you want to continue to receive parish updates via email, create a ParishStaq account by September 21 (the last weekly Flocknote date).

  • Centralizes parish email communications
  • Provides a portal to online registrations and forms
  • Links your PushPay online giving with your ParishStaq account
  • Gives you the ability to update your own contact information
  • Easily view & join parish Groups & Ministries
  • Access our parish calendar
  • View your volunteer schedules
Think of it as a digital hub for all things St Brendan!


ParishStaq is St Brendan’s new digital hub for parish information, registration, updates and financial giving.  It’s a dynamic Catholic Church management system that is Integrated with our new payment and giving software that you may already be familiar with called PushPay. (Many of you have become familiar with PushPay since we transitioned away from Vanco for online giving in late 2021.) ParishStaq is the broader database that provides secure, up-to-date information on your family’s contact information, financial giving, event registrations and more.

ParishStaq is the very best way to connect with your St Brendan’s faith family!

Besides the secure access to your personal registration data and the ability to view information about activities, group events, user-specific calendars, your personal giving and registration forms, we will use this new system to regularly communicate what’s happening on our campus and in our church. (Yep! Flocknotes will be going away later this year!)

If you want to stay informed about what’s happening at the parish, you need to create a ParishStaq account.

But don’t worry about communication overload. With ParishStaq, YOU control how much news you get and how much interaction with others that you have in your ministries and in our parish community. Your personal portal can be customized to your preferences and updated by you.

Push Pay is a PCI compliant, 3rd party electronic giving processor for online giving.

ParishStaq is a broader, dynamic Catholic software and database system for managing demographics, ministry involvement, events, and online giving transactions for your profile.

In short, PushPay is the electronic giving tool used by ParishStaq. The two systems recently merged and are now fully integrated.

One of the benefits of ParishStaq is that it allows for customizable access to the ministries, calendars and sign ups each member care about most.  In the case of a married couple, the husband may want information and activities related to Men’s Club while his wife may want to sign up for Walking with Purpose.  By giving each individual his or her own access, the system allows for a more personalized digital hub.

Please note: on the administrative “back end” side, family members will still be grouped together and linked together in a household.

Yes! We still need each individual, ages 18 or older, to activate their ParishStaq accounts.  PushPay is only used for online giving and it’s tied to your mobile number.  ParishStaq, which is integrated with PushPay, is the full church management system that allows you to also see your ministry calendars, receive parish communications, sign up for volunteer slots and see your family’s giving.


We are trying to get every active parish adult registered as soon as possible so that we can phase out other communication tools and ministry-specific database. This will eliminate having to update information in multiple places and give our staff more time for ministry support.

Additionally, having most of the parish registered for ParishStaq accounts is critical to the launch of our soon-to-be released St Brendan’s mobile app. The app, which will be available for Apple and Android users, will have even more helpful features (no more manual sign in to events!)  But it does require an existing ParishStaq account to link to the database so the sooner people register, the sooner we can go live with the app release!

  • TO REGISTER: click “Sign Up” below and check your emails for a response to complete your registration. (Check your spam if you don’t see the email!)
  • TO SIGN IN: fill out your Parishstaq username & password & click “Login”.

By July 29, every registered parishioner should have received an activation email to set up their individual ParishStaq account. The activation email will be coming from “Saint Brendan the Navigator Church” with the subject line “New Login Created” (so be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t get it). Once you locate the email, simply click the “ACTIVATE LOGIN” button to complete the process. Or, you can register now by clicking on the sign up button at the top of this page, or fill out the for.

If you have any trouble signing up, please contact Teresa Boyne for help  at or 614-876-1272 x221

Here’s a pdf of detailed instructions for registering:  ParishStaq Registration Instructions

More information about ParishStaq will be coming every week by Flocknote. If you are already signed up for our weekly parish Flocknote, look for these informative messages about features in ParishStaq.


Fill out your username and password and click “Login” or or click on “Sign Up” to register



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