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A: Saint Brendan School is a loving community with Christ at the center of all we do. Our greatest attribute is our people. We are fortunate to be surrounded by parents, teachers, priests, and other staff that put our students’ needs above all else.

A: We follow the Common Core curriculum that has been adopted by the State of Ohio. However, we also have additional requirements set forth by the Diocese of Columbus to enhance and enrich the educational experiences of our students. The curriculum and instruction include comprehensive programs of learning in religion, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, music, art, physical education, health, Spanish, and STEM.

A: Catholic Schools warmly welcome students regardless of parish or religious faith. Our school is a community that is rich with religious backgrounds and practices. Students study the scriptures and the tradition of the Catholic faith, participate in Catholic liturgies and, if Catholic, are prepared to receive the sacraments. Non‐Catholic students are expected to participate in liturgies, religious functions, and religion classes that are part of the academic curriculum.

A: At Saint Brendan School, we want Catholic education to be affordable to all of our parishioners. Father Penhallurick and our School Principal are committed to making sure no parishioners are turned away due to finances. If your family has a need beyond the assistance we provide, you are encouraged to meet with Kate Cavello to discuss additional options for your family.

A: The school day runs from 8:30am to 3:15pm.

A: Before care starts at 7:00am and runs until the start of school. After care starts at 3:15 and ends 6:00pm. There is an additional fee for these programs, and information on these fees and the program as a whole can be obtained by emailing kidszone6@yahoo.com.

A: The St. Brendan kindergarten program is a full-day program. There are many benefits for children to experience a full-day program, including spiritual, social, and academic development, which enhances their school experience.

A: The school is primarily for children whose parents are active and contributing members
of the parish.

  • First priority is for children from active and contributing families of St. Brendan School with older siblings.
  • Second Priority is for children from active and contributing families of St. Brendan Parish
  • Third priority is for children of non-parishioners.

A: We typically have a waiting list starting in the middle of February. If there are more applicants than spaces available, the Pastor and the Principal will determine acceptance based on the following criteria:

  • Date of registration in the Parish
  • Number of years a family has been active and contributing members of St. Brendan the Navigator Parish.
  • Financial contribution to the Parish
  • Parish or school volunteer activity.
  • Previous application to school
  • Prospective students with older siblings
    who have graduated from St. Brendan School.

A: We have an extensive program to assist all of our students who need intervention. We have intervention specialists to work with our students daily, and we also offer speech, occupational, and physical therapies. If you would like more information on our program, please feel free to contact Assistant Principal, Ann Tufano, at atufano04@cdeducation.org.

A: In our Kindergarten rooms, each class has a fulltime aide. All other grades will share aides between the rooms so that our students always have an adult who is available for individualized reinforcement and enrichment.

A: We have a full time reading specialist that will work in unison with our teachers and aides to identify and support students who are having difficulty.

A: Hilliard City Schools and Dublin City Schools provide transportation to students who attend Saint Brendan School. If parents have any transportation questions, please contact Hilliard Transportation at (614) 921-4700 or Dublin Transportation at (614) 764-5926.

A: We offer a comprehensive athletic program that seeks to foster leadership, dedication, accountability, and a quality work ethic. Please visit our extracurricular page by clicking HERE to learn more about our athletic offerings.

A: Our Principal, Kate Cavello, can be reached by calling (614) 876-6132 or emailing kcavello@cdeducation.org

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We do not have a preschool on our campus, but our feeder school is St Margaret of Cortona Preschool.

If you are looking for a preschool that shares your Catholic values, look no further than St Margaret of Cortona Preschool. As an affiliate of St Brendan School, St Margaret of Cortona is a highly recommended choice located nearby at St Margaret of Cortona Church (1600 N Hague Ave). Students are likely to recognize familiar faces/friends as they advance to St Brendan School for kindergarten.

St Margaret of Cortona Preschool welcomes children ages 3-5 (age 3 by Sept 30 and fully potty trained). The 2 day class, age 3, meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9 AM – 11:30 AM.  There are 2 different class options for age 4 and 5 students. The 3 day class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 9 AM – 11:30 AM with the PM class for ages 4 and 5 meeting every afternoon except Thursday from 12:30- 3 PM.

If you have any questions or to schedule a tour or register, please contact Director, Andrea Boyd, 614.274.1922,  aboyd@cdeducation.org or visit our website at https://stmargaretcolumbus.org/trinitypreschool.