COVID-19 Parish News Updates

We will live stream Mass on Facebook at 10:30am, March 29. If we have reached 1000 subscribers on Youtube we will be able to live stream it there as well at www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8ysrwxz7AGFIghhnWmjnA. In the meantime it will be posted to youtube as a video with closed captions added, and you can then use this aid to participate. 

It really is not the same without you at Mass, but let’s give thanks to God that we live at a time, and in a place, where this technology makes it possible for us to feel connected. Remember to send me likes and hearts when we go live – it gives me confidence that it is working!

There will be more planned for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday. More on that as plans are finalized.

Finally, please keep Fr Fabian and his work in your prayers. I heard from him today and there is a lot of concern as this virus hits Africa. The ability to respond to it medically is not the same as it is for us especially in rural areas and the community has less resources.

God bless and keep you!

Fr Bob


Please check out our Youtube Channel for ongoing videos from our parish staff at: www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8ysrwxz7AGFIghhnWmjnA
Or you can check out our video messaging web page at: https://www.stbrendans.net/covid-19-coronovirus-parish-news-updates
As you know, bold steps have been taken to protect public health. This means that our offertory – the major source of income for parish operations – will be negatively impacted. We’re encouraging all parishioners to consider online giving to keep St Brendans strong during this crisis.
You can give securely through either a credit card or bank account. Our staff is very willing to walk you through the process. We’ve set up a special direct link to the giving form at http://www.tinyurl.com/stbvoyagers or you can contact the parish office at 614.876.1272 and we can handle it for you. Thank you for continuing to support the parish financially during this crisis.


The rehearsals for 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation are cancelled. We are unusual at the moment whether these will be able to go ahead as planned. They may need to be pushed back to later in the year. The situation remains very fluid long term but we will keep you informed as we learn more.
We had hoped to be able to offer a drive-through pick up service for people to collect their palms on palm Sunday. However, we now realize that this will not be possible because of the possible risks involved. We are encouraging everyone to stay at home and be safe.
Please see more Coronavirus Parish news updated down below near the News section.




Regardless of where you find yourself on your voyage, the faith community of Saint Brendan The Navigator welcomes you home to Christ’s Catholic Church.

Fifteen hundred years ago, Saint Brendan of Ireland and a group of brave monks set sail in a small boat to seek “Heaven on Earth.” Throughout their fantastic journey, Brendan and his friends relied on their faith and each other to overcome numerous obstacles and course corrections.

Brendan never reached his intended physical destination but realized he had already glimpsed heaven on earth through his trials, joys, and the natural wonders he encountered. Brendan’s voyage was his path to God and symbolizes a deeper meaning for us all.

Saint Brendan’s example teaches us that we’re all on a voyage of faith. When we hold together, Jesus Christ will see us through life’s storms and to the calm shores of His eternal salvation.

Are you a seeker, someone moving into our area, or someone who has been away?


Our Mission

To meet people where they are on their voyage of faith and offer them opportunities to know, share, and live their faith.


St. Brendan uses FlockNote to help parishioners stay connected. Parishioners receive regular updates and important news from our pastor, the parish office team, and parish groups and ministries via FlockNote email.

Are you a registered parishioner? If you are not subscribed already, we ask that you go ahead and subscribe to our Flocknote Network. This is a huge help to us in keeping you informed and connected.

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St Brendan the Navigator is a Catholic Church within the Diocese of Columbus.

COVID-19 Parish News

Update from the parish Office 3.24.20


Dear Parish Family,

There are no words for the shock we feel at the way our lives have been turned upside down by this pandemic, our future, our sense of security and stability…to everything.

We are here to connect with you through all the electronic media. There will be numerous messages and updates on Flocknotes, Facebook, and our parish website (www.stbrendans.net). You can also check out our YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8ysrwxz7AGFIghhnWmjnA

There will be a weekly Mass available through our website. Fr Bob and Fr Ed will concelebrate Mass, give a weekly message, and offer spiritual communion for our parishioners. This will be available for viewers on Sunday each week.

Here are some important items relating to this time of “adjustment.”

•  We have technology in place that the various staff and catechists will connect with you and their constituents by phone, electronically, and online. That includes faith formation/home faith, RCIA, youth ministry, sacramental preparation, groups, liturgy, care ministry, St Vincent de Paul Society, Knights of Columbus, adult education, etc.
•  The parish office is closed ONLY to foot traffic. We are here from 9 AM-4 PM
•  Please call the main number 614.876.1272 if you have a request or need
•  We do gather mail and send mail out
•  The facilities team is onsite and performing deep cleans throughout the campus, as well as re-sanitizing areas twice a week
•  Utilities in both the church and Wellnitz Hall are lowered to a minimum
•  Please continue your parish contributions even though we have no Mass or offertory collection. You can give securely through either a credit card or bank account. Our staff is very willing to walk you through the process. We’ve set up a special direct link to the giving form at tinyurl.com/stbvoyager or you can contact the parish office at 614.876.1272 ext 225 and we can handle it for you. Thank you for continuing to support the parish financially during this crisis.
•  Check the parish website for any updates

Our staff and volunteers are incredibly committed. They are still available via email and phone rather than in person. Thank you for your patience as we figure out how to minister and serve with these unprecedented constraints.

God Bless,

Note from the Diocese 3.13.2020

Please be aware of communications via email or text or possibly even phone calls concerning alternate routing of your offertory if you are not able to make it to Mass at your parish. Already, some phony communications have been received by parishioners who thought that the situation was odd. They had the sense to contact their parish office and, in doing so, discovered that their hunch was correct – – this was indeed a scam. Please do not become a victim to any type of financial scam. If you receive a communication about any financial aspect in relationship to your parish, school, or social outreach, please contact your parish office by phone to authenticate that communication.


Dear St. Brendan Parishioners,
We would like to share our plans with all of you that will be in place for at least the next three weeks, beginning Monday, March 16. While we have not had any COVID-19 cases at St. Brendan to date, we are faced with making difficult decisions related to what has become a global pandemic.
Our number one priority is what is best for the St. Brendan staff and our parishioners. We also need to do what is best socially, including mitigating any spread of COVID-19 and minimizing exposure for our campus, your families and the broader community.
This means….

  1. There will be no guest person to person contact or outside foot traffic in the office. We will like you to conduct business either through email or phone.
  2. Any materials that need to be dropped off or signed needs to be deposited into the mailbox at the Parish office main entrance.
  3. Pick-up of material will be left in the same front office area during business hours. Please call ahead for what you need.
  4. Accommodations for critical access to on-campus resources will be made. We will do our best to accommodate situations where this may not be possible.We completely understand the enormity of these decisions and how challenging this may be for all members of the St. Brendan community and staff. As we are sure you are aware, we are not alone in taking these actions. Many other organizations are dealing with this same situation. Please know that our decisions are guided by our goals to protect the health of our staff and parishioners to help slow the spread of the virus, and to ensure the continuity of our parish community.



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