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The Bishop has given Fr Bob and Fr Brown delegation to confirm the students who missed celebrating the Sacrament when the pandemic broke out this past Spring.  These Masses will be open only to the Confirmandi and their guests, however, they will be livestreamed so that everyone can join in prayer for the candidates at this special moment of grace.
We invite you to pray a novena with us beginning tomorrow, Thursday, September 10 and leading up to our first Confirmation Mass on Friday, September 18.
For daily prayers & reflections on each gift of the Holy Spirit, please CLICK HERE
Novena Prayer
Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth. Amen.

  • Good news on the construction front – the temporary wall in the gathering space came down this week so there is a big difference and everything feels much more connected as a result. The chapel area and part of the new gathering space is still a construction site so please understand that you cannot go into those areas. 
  • The parish offices will be moving soon. We are waiting on a new phone system to be installed and furniture to arrive. 
  • Thanks to everyone who made the start of the new school year go so well. It is good to have the children here again even with all of the changes.
  • Middle School and High School Youth ministry is also starting up as we can be outside at this time of year.


Saint Brendan is ready to open up some of our ministries again to those who feel comfortable serving. COVID has changed some of the way we do things, so as we open ministries back up, we will be asking those who serve to receive a simple training to help keep everyone safe. We also need less people to start with because of the restrictions that are in place.
If you are interested in lectoring, helping to distribute Holy Communion or becoming a weekday sacristan please contact Fr. Brown. Some simple training will be required as we take into account COVID requirements.
ALTAR SERVERS will begin to be scheduled through Jamie Noyes, our head server. The role of server will be much simpler. Only TWO servers will be scheduled along with the M.C. and social distancing will be maintained. Jamie will send out a Flocknote to find out who is willing to serve before a schedule is put together.
HIGH SCHOOL M.C.’S can also be scheduled with parental permission. Henry Szabo, our head M.C. will be in touch to see who is willing to serve.
EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER OF HOLY COMMUNION: At this time we need only one EMHC at each Sunday Mass but it would be good to start including people back in this ministry again. We will be sending out a request this week so that you can show your interest in helping.


  • St Brendan school resumes – drop off in the morning, and pick up in the afternoon take some time to settle in so please be patient. Our weekday mass now starts at 8:00AM so the congregation should be able to avoid the traffic.

  • The Bishop has given Father Brown and myself delegation to confirm the students who missed celebrating the Sacrament when the pandemic broke out. This is a great joy for all of us but we will need 5 different masses! These will be open only to the Confirmandi and their guests. We plan to livestream the mass so that everyone can join in prayer for the candidates at this special moment of grace. 

  • With the start of school we have taken the difficult decision to CLOSE the playground to everyone for the rest of the year. The safety committee working with Mr. Gruber to open school safely recommended not using it during the school day, because of the difficulty of sanitizing the playground area, and we have extended that to everyone. We look forward to a time SOON when it can be reopened again. 


This week, we celebrated the installation and dedication of our new St Brendan statue (despite our tender care, years of children playing in the curragh had taken their toll on our former statue). Manufactured in Italy, the new statue is made of poured bronze and is over 7 foot tall. Like many of us, 2020 has had an effect on St Brendan. We now feature the image of an older man rooted in place, with the wisdom of many years. The new statue reflects the experience of his voyages (the boat) and his passion for the gospel (the uplifted cross). It also reflects the fact that he undertook his voyages as an older man who was abbot of his community of Benedictine monks (the ring on his finger and his Benedictine robes).

We are moving #ONEstepcloser to completing our work and fundraising for the new construction, so please consider pledging if you haven’t done so already. Saint Brendan the Navigator pray for us!


JOIN US FOR: Following Christ !

Do you want to follow Jesus more closely? Learn how with Following Christ* !
Join us for this virtual experience of part 2 from the ChristLife seriesThis online course includes engaging video teachings, a virtual retreat, and weekly small group discussions via Microsoft Teams.
When: Tues Nights, 7-8:15 PM, September 15 – October 27.
Retreat Morning: (Sat. 9AM-12PM, October 17)
Cost- FREE
Contact Dan McCallister for more information. We are excited to grow with you!
*The 2nd of the 3 courses within the ChristLife Series: Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ.



One of the ways we can support the church’s mission is through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA). Each year, we are invited to support essential ministries and shared services of the Diocese. The impact and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have created extraordinary circumstances for the church, so your participation in this year’s campaign means a great deal. Our parish goal is $227,514. Any amount that St Brendan receives over our goal will be returned to us and used directly here in the parish. The easiest way to make a gift to the BAA is by going online to Thank you for your support!


Be sure to check out our “year in review” video that highlights the amazing impact the St Brendan family of faith is having on our community. Included are our financials as well as testimonials from our community and interesting facts about our school and parish. We hope the video will inspire and encourage you to deepen your commitment to St Brendan’s.


We continue our St Brendan GREENING efforts by taking our energy savings and reapplying those savings back into campus infrastructure to continue to spend zero dollars on energy efficient technologies and replacement costs.
Most of our HVAC Control System is retrofitted, as well as the new building with the SMART technology that is designed to monitor and control mechanical equipment such as packaged rooftop units, split systems, air handlers, VAV/VVT Zoning Systems, heat pumps, boilers, pumps, VFD’s, valves, exhaust fans, and so much more.
Our SMART building technology allows us to control energy costs by reducing the need for both heat/air conditioning and allow fresh air in the buildings without compromising comfort and cost. In addition, it extends the life of our HVAC investments.
New window solar film panels have been installed in the MPR window wells. From the outside you will not notice the look, however inside you will see a very small difference of light that shines in. The film reflects 47% of the light, about 83% of solar energy heat will not pass through the window well. The end result is our heating and air conditioning usage in the MPR will be reduced as well as energy costs.


Our Livestream Team Needs You!
Our livestream equipment is in place, and we are looking for volunteers to help us produce the Sunday 10:45 AM mass, and other services in the future. Volunteers must be High School aged or older. Knowledge of the order of Mass will be helpful. Will likely work in pairs, at least at the beginning. To volunteer, or for more information, please email Deacon Doug at .


While we have strongly recommended the wearing of face masks at church during the pandemic, it has remained, until now, advise only. That now changes because we have received notification from the diocese that Governor DeWine has mandated that everyone attending religious services in Ohio’s hardest-hit COVID counties must wear a face mask. This includes us. The exception to this is the priest when he is on the altar or a deacon presiding at a liturgy outside of Mass. So, from today, congregants at all liturgies must wear a face mask unless exempt for medical or age reasons.
I know that this will be a source of frustration for some people, especially for those who find it hard to wear them (I am one of those too). It is easy for us to fall back on our “rights” and forget our responsibilities to God and our neighbor, especially those who are at most risk, the vulnerable and the elderly. When the crisis began Bishop Brennan made it clear to the priests that this is a time for extreme charity. There is no time limit on charity which is the work God gives to us.


We are now able to offer safe and brief visits to those who are unable to attend Mass due to ongoing illness/mobility issues OR currently identified in the at-risk category for COVID-19. Our trained EMHC’s will visit with masks and sanitized hands to provide prayer and the Eucharist, preferably on your porch, garage, or outside area. If it is not possible for you to get outside, the EMHC can briefly enter your home in the entryway to provide communion.
To sign up for these visits, please visit the pastoral care page on the website: and fill out the communion at home form or contact Jennifer at the parish office 614.876.1272 ext 227. Visits will occur at least monthly depending on the number of EMHC’s available.
Speaking of needing EMHC’s …if you are a registered EMHC or if you would like to be trained to visit those at home for this ministry, we need you to serve with us once a month or more if you are able. Contact Jennifer for all of the details.



Fr. Shikina has been appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Ada and Immaculate Conception, Kenton. Father will start his new appointment on Tuesday, July 14, 2020. We wish Fr. Shikina many blessings and the promise of our prayers. A message from Father Shikina…

Dear St Brendan parish family,

Though I had announced my July 13th departure in a short video, I wanted to express my farewell to you in writing. It has been a joyful two years for me and I have much gratitude and affection for you. You have given me so much love that you have made priestly ministry deeply fulfilling for me. For that, I am truly grateful!

Even though I wasn’t here at St Brendan to be a “pastor-in-training,” the smaller number of priests means a smaller pool of priests to be pastors. So, when the need arises, the parochial vicars may have to move on quickly to be pastors or at least to fill a need elsewhere. Fr Bob has recognized this need and has done a wonderful job of training his parochial vicars to take on greater responsibility elsewhere. As I move on, I am joyful to be able to minister to two parishes as their pastor, but I have a tinge of sadness that I cannot remain to enjoy the future with you, or to enjoy the new building space, the new adoration chapel, and what was supposed to be my new office!!! But at least I get to enjoy a new (old) house to live in, two new churches (150 yrs old), and a new (to me) university (Ohio Northern)! 🙂

I hope you will all continue to strive to be saints. No matter what is happening in the world, no matter if it seems that you are the only one trying to be a saint, do not be discouraged or afraid. Keep going. Fall in love with Jesus and the Saints, ask for the Holy Spirit to help you. St Teresa of Avila said, “Let nothing disturb you, nothing frighten you, all things are passing, God is unchanging. Patience gains all; nothing is lacking to those who have God: God alone is sufficient.”

My two parishes are Our Lady of Lourdes in Ada, Ohio and Immaculate Conception in Kenton, Ohio. You are always welcome to stop by!

If you want to keep in touch, my email is and my address is:
222 E. Highland Ave.
Ada, Ohio 45810

May God bless you and your family!

Fr Ed



  • Numbers in church will be limited. We can only take about ½ of our capacity.
  • Everyone must follow strict social distancing rules. Only sit in the pews labeled BLUE. Maintain 6 feet between yourself and the next family/individual.
  • Once we reach capacity no one else will be able to enter.


  • People will not be able to chat in the gathering space before or after Mass.
  • Please wear a mask while in the church.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use in church before and after you touch anything. (we have some but our supply is limited.)
  • The doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before Mass begins for people to come in.
  • You must sit in the designated seats. Families and couples traveling to church together can sit together but there must be a 6 feet distance between them and others.
  • You must have a seat in the church, you cannot stay in the gathering space.
  • The number of people in the restrooms at any one time will be limited to two.
  • Parents MUST accompany children under 7 to the bathroom and bring them back (this is to ensure they have washed their hands properly, do not dawdle in washroom or gathering space and return to the pew immediately with you. Remember, this is for their safety too!)
  • The cry room is closed until life returns to normal. Its enclosed environment makes it suitable for confessions but not for multiple families.


  • There will be no presentation of the gifts and the offertory will be placed in baskets as people leave.
  • The Sign of Peace will not be restored until the pandemic has passed.
  • The chalice will not be shared until the Bishop gives permission for it to be restored.
  • The Communion lines will be altered to single file and the floor marked with GREEN X to encourage social distancing.
  • Each section of pews will come forward as instructed to receive Holy Communion.
  • Receiving Holy Communion in the hand is strongly encouraged for the time being. Every time someone receives on the tongue the minister will stop and disinfect their hands.
  • Pews will be dismissed in rows at the end of mass.


  • There will be no Missalettes or other literature in church because of the risk from the virus being passed through them.
  • Screens are fitted to the ceiling, and the music etc. will be projected onto them. There will be new projectors to ensure good visibility on the screens.
  • Live streaming equipment is installed in the church to replace our current temporary method. This will support older parishioners who may be asked to shelter in place again at a later date, our homebound, and those in our care facilities.


Please remember that if you are not well, are caring for someone who is sick, have underlying health conditions or are concerned about attending Mass you should stay at home.

We will continue to live stream Mass every day and you can make a spiritual communion. The dispensation from the Sunday obligation has been extended.

Please note that live-streaming will still happen at all masses for those uncertain or unable to come out. This will now be a regular feature of our worship together.

People are responsible for maintaining 6ft social distancing when in the church. No stopping in church or the gathering space to chat. Please arrive, pray and then leave. Anything left behind will be disposed of. These restrictions are necessary because we must be able to disinfect the entire church every day. They are designed for your safety. Our great hope is that this will not be needed for too much longer.


Check out our new prayer wall here to leave a prayer request and pray for one on the wall. These can be left anonymously or with your name. Since we cannot physically enter prayers in our book of intentions, this will help us pray for each other and the priests and pastoral staff pray too!


To help St. Vincent de Paul, click here. You will see SVP listed there, and you can make a one time or recurring donation. This is safe, secure and easy for us to process and get the money to SVP quickly. We know that their funds are low right now.



During this time of isolation, many Catholic companies are providing free faith materials. Magnificat is a popular Catholic daily devotional that has now allowed free access for their online editions. Need something for the kids? Magnifi-kid is also free online. Go to for more details. Enjoy!


As you know, bold steps have been taken to protect public health. This means that our offertory – the major source of income for parish operations – will be negatively impacted. We’re encouraging all parishioners to consider online giving to keep St Brendans strong during this crisis.
You can give securely through either a credit card or bank account. Our staff is very willing to walk you through the process. We’ve set up a special direct link to the giving form at or you can contact the parish office at 614.876.1272 and we can handle it for you. Thank you for continuing to support the parish financially during this crisis.

Please be aware of communications via email or text or possibly even phone calls concerning alternate routing of your offertory. Some phony communications have been received by parishioners who thought that the situation was odd. They had the sense to contact their parish office and, in doing so, discovered that this was indeed a scam. Please do not become a victim to any type of financial scam. If you receive a communication about any financial aspect in relationship to your parish, school, or social outreach, please contact your parish office by phone to authenticate that communication.


St. Brendan uses FlockNote to help parishioners stay connected. Parishioners receive regular updates and important news from our pastor, the parish office team, and parish groups and ministries via FlockNote email.

Are you a registered parishioner? If you are not subscribed already, we ask that you go ahead and subscribe to our Flocknote Network. This is a huge help to us in keeping you informed and connected.

If you have signed up for Flocknote but are having trouble receiving our messages, please be sure to add to your contacts list. That should take care of many issues!

Are you visiting? New to the area? You are welcome to sign up too! That way you can find our more about our parish community and ministries too.

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