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I am writing to announce that the parish festival has been cancelled for this year. This is very disappointing for everyone but, like other parishes in the diocese, we do not feel that we are at a point where this can go ahead. Once the State Fair was cancelled we decided it was time to make a decision.
However, the RAFFLE will still happen as everything is ready to go! Raffle envelopes will be mailed to your home soon. Please note that they were already stuffed and sealed with the festival letter. Rather than wasting all those envelopes we have chosen to send you the pack – but please don’t think that the festival is suddenly on again!
My thanks go to Mike and his volunteers for all that they had done to prepare for August.
Fr Bob




  • MONDAY:  5:30 PM
  • WEDNESDAY:  5:30 PM  (followed by Adoration & confessions)
  • SATURDAY:  8 AM (Livestreamed only. No public Mass)


  • SATURDAY:  5:30 PM
  • SUNDAY:  7:15 AM, 8:45 AM, 10:45 AM, 5:30 PM

Note: Sunday 12:15 pm Mass is discontinued & 10:30 am Mass is now at 10:45 am. Saturday 8 am Mass is now currently live-streamed only.


  • SATURDAY:  8 AM – Livestreamed only. No public Mass.
  • SUNDAY:  10:45 AM

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  • WEDNESDAY:  6 – 7 PM  (during Adoration OR by appointment)


Open for prayer during these times:

  • MONDAY:  12 – 6 PM
  • TUESDAY:  8 AM – 3 PM
  • WEDNESDAY:  2 – 7 PM
  • THURSDAY:  8 AM – 3 PM
  • FRIDAY:  8 AM – 3 PM
  • SATURDAY:  CLOSED for Sunday preparation


Won’t there be a crowd at the doors if they are locked before Mass?

We will be sending details closer to Pentecost Sunday as to how we open the church and how people should wait to come in. The only reason the doors are locked is to give us an empty church that can be methodically cleaned rather than trying to work around people. Everyone’s cooperation is needed to leave the church in an orderly manner so that cleaning can start quickly. If we can sanitize the church quicker than anticipated then we will be able to unlock the doors sooner.

Will people be turned away on Pentecost Sunday if capacity is met?

Let me start by saying that we don’t think we will actually reach full capacity at any mass for the first few weeks. Other dioceses which have already restarted Mass all say that attendance is low at the moment because of people continuing to self-isolate or take precautions. We recommend that older parishioners come during the week if they can when numbers in church will be much lower.

If we do reach capacity then we will have to turn some people away. Once we have reached capacity then we cannot allow anyone else to come in. People cannot stand in the gathering space either – everyone must have a seat.

Those turned away can come back to another Sunday Mass, or to a weekday mass. The Bishop has suspended the Sunday obligation to attend Mass for the time being. When numbers start to increase, we will review the situation again, but our hope is that we will be moving back to normal by then.

Remember, this is for a limited time only and we hope to be back to normal sooner rather than later.

How will we receive communion?

Holy Communion will be distributed at the normal time during mass. People will be asked to approach in sections, and row by row, to maintain social distancing. They will receive the Sacred Host and then return to their seat. Communion in the hand is recommended at the moment because of the virus. A communicant can still receive on the tongue but the person distributing will have to stop each time and cleanse their hands.



  • Numbers in church will be limited. We can only take about ½ of our capacity.
  • Everyone must follow strict social distancing rules. Only sit in the pews labeled BLUE. Maintain 6 feet between yourself and the next family/individual.
  • Once we reach capacity no one else will be able to enter.


  • People will not be able to chat in the gathering space before or after Mass.
  • Please wear a mask while in the church.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer to use in church before and after you touch anything. (we have some but our supply is limited.)
  • The doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before Mass begins for people to come in.
  • You must sit in the designated seats. Families and couples traveling to church together can sit together but there must be a 6 feet distance between them and others.
  • You must have a seat in the church, you cannot stay in the gathering space.
  • The number of people in the restrooms at any one time will be limited to two.
  • Parents MUST accompany children under 7 to the bathroom and bring them back (this is to ensure they have washed their hands properly, do not dawdle in washroom or gathering space and return to the pew immediately with you. Remember, this is for their safety too!)
  • The cry room is closed until life returns to normal. Its enclosed environment makes it suitable for confessions but not for multiple families.


  • The schedule for servers, EMHC and ushers is suspended for the time being. We look forward to restrictions being lifted and you being able to minister again. Lectors will be scheduled.
  • There will be no presentation of the gifts and the offertory will be placed in baskets as people leave.
  • The Sign of Peace will not be restored until the pandemic has passed.
  • The chalice will not be shared until the Bishop gives permission for it to be restored.
  • The Communion lines will be altered to single file and the floor marked with GREEN X to encourage social distancing.
  • Each section of pews will come forward as instructed to receive Holy Communion.
  • Receiving Holy Communion in the hand is strongly encouraged for the time being. Every time someone receives on the tongue the minister will stop and disinfect their hands.
  • Music and preaching will be limited to allow Mass to finish in 50 minutes so that cleaning begins on time for the next mass.
  • Pews will be dismissed in rows at the end of mass.


  • There will be no Missalettes or other literature in church because of the risk from the virus being passed through them. Singing will be limited.
  • There will be no choir.
  • In the next month permanent screens are being fitted to the ceiling, and the music etc. will be projected onto them. There will be new projectors to ensure good visibility on the screens.
  • In the next month live streaming equipment will be installed in the church to replace our current temporary method. This will support older parishioners who may be asked to shelter in place again at a later date, our homebound, and those in our care facilities.

The Bishop has given us permission to take steps to begin opening our churches again. This is a moment of great joy but we need to remember that the pandemic is not contained yet. So, our return will not be to “business as usual” for a while. Listed here are the steps that we will take as the Church reopens. Some of these may seem obvious, others a surprise. I ask you to please take them with generosity of spirit. We are doing everything we can to protect you and your family. We are also using this watershed moment in the life of the world, our nation, and our community, to make sensible changes for the future. ALL parishes in our diocese are going through this process and it is not easy. The first and most important thing to say is that If you are not well, are caring for someone who is sick, have underlying health conditions or are concerned about attending Mass you should stay at home. We will continue to live stream Mass every day and you can make a spiritual communion. The dispensation from the Sunday obligation has been extended.


Please remember that if you are not well, are caring for someone who is sick, have underlying health conditions or are concerned about attending Mass you should stay at home.

We will continue to live stream Mass every day and you can make a spiritual communion. The dispensation from the Sunday obligation has been extended.

Please note that live-streaming will still happen at all masses for those uncertain or unable to come out. This will now be a regular feature of our worship together. At first the equipment will be right up at the altar until the permanent equipment is installed.

Continue to only use designated BLUE pews.
To maintain social distancing no daily mass sacristans or servers will be needed for the time being. The priest will handle everything himself or with the help of the deacon. Please follow instructions for coming forward for Holy Communion. We strongly encourage you to receive the Blessed Sacrament in the hand for the time being even if receiving on the tongue even is your normal practice. If someone receives on the tongue the priest or deacon will stop each time to sanitize his hands to reduce any risk of virus

Please follow all instructions when entering, praying and leaving for your own safety and those who come to pray after you. Please carry hand sanitizer with you. The parish has some but our supply is limited. Please wear a face mask. We ask you to use only certain pews as this helps us to know which pews need to be sanitized regularly during the day.


  • Pews marked with a BLUE square can be used to pray
  • Pews marked with a RED square cannot be used – these are being used to maintain safe distancing between rows.

No candles are available at the shrines because of the risk of multiple handling For the same reason there will be no flowers at the shrines People are responsible for maintaining 6ft social distancing when in the church. No stopping in church or the gathering space to chat. Please arrive, pray and then leave. Anything left behind will be disposed of. These restrictions are necessary because we must be able to disinfect the entire church every day. They are designed for your safety. Our great hope is that this will not be needed for too much longer.



Dear Parish Family
Although we have been hidden from each other physically for weeks now the world continues to move on. Now, at last, like the people of Israel, we are looking at returning from our exile. Important decisions have had to be made for how we come out of this pandemic crisis. Some things have to change to make our return to life easier and to take into consideration our changed situation.
Last October Bishop Brennan called the priests of the diocese together for a Convocation. A lot of information was shared with us then regarding the needs of our diocese and parishes. Bishop Brennan asked us to look at our current mass times, attendance at those masses, and our seating capacity. It was his desire that we establish mass times that better utilize our resources, especially human resources. It was also his desire to establish times that go beyond individual parishes and consider opportunities for worship that include surrounding parishes.
The pandemic made these considerations critical. We became acutely aware of how much we rely on the retired priests for help. Currently the median age of priests (the point at which half are older and half are younger) is 63. The retirement age in our diocese is 70. This means that half of the active priests of our diocese will be at retirement age in 7 years.
The declining numbers of priests in our diocese and our ability to help neighboring parishes if the need arises became a much more urgent issue.
Bishop Brennan asked each pastor to review his parish’s current mass schedule. Usually when making such a decision, I would employ methods of receiving input from parishioners. This decision, because it involves statistical data and future forecasts is very different. I needed to look at attendance trends, church capacity, and the needs of our parishioners. I also have to consider the long-term reality that in the future this could be a one priest parish.
These suggestions were then sent to the leadership team that the Bishop has called together to help him with this work, and to the Presbyteral Council, which is a consultative group consisting of the area Deans. I am part of both of these groups. In consultation with the pastors, our task has been to help create mass schedules that blend with neighboring parishes. While this new schedule reduces the number of masses in most parishes, the mass times have been staggered with nearby parishes so as to provide many options each weekend. Other parishes will be informed by their pastors very soon of changes they need to make.
Today, I want to share with you what will happen here.
While I know that there is a general love of the 12:15pm Sunday Mass the numbers have fallen over the last 12 years and it is always difficult to schedule people to minister at this mass. Until the pandemic there was no immediate need to cancel the 12:15pm mass but our new reality changes that.
Senior priests, like Msgr. Dunn, will not be able to help out on Sundays as much as they have because they are in a high-risk group. We tend to work on the basis that they are always there, ready and willing to serve but now we cannot plan and schedule them as much (even though they are willing to help).
As we return to public worship, we also need a little more time between the 9.45am Mass and the 10:30am mass in order to deep clean the church. To enable this the logical solution is to move the 10:30am mass to 10:45am. Once our new spaces come online this will also create a time for other faith and family events on Sundays.
For these reasons I am announcing today that the 12:15 pm Mass is discontinued and the 10:30 am Mass is moved to 10:45 am.
When we return for Pentecost on the weekend of May 30/31 our mass schedule will be:
  • 5:30 pm Vigil
  • 7:15 am
  • 8:45 am
  • 10:45 am
  • 5:30 pm
Also, until the pandemic restrictions are lifted the Saturday 8am Mass will also be cancelled. This is because we need time to prepare the church for the weekend, celebrate delayed weddings and baptisms that have been on hold and then clean and lock everything down to reduce any risk of infection. Saturday 8am mass will return once things are running smoothly again.
I am sorry to have to announce this change in this way and for any upset it might cause. As someone who has seen the diocesan data in great detail I can tell you that it really is necessary and we are not the only parish affected.
Although we are coming back together there are still restrictions in place that will impact all of us but at least we will be together!
God bless,
Fr. Bob


Check out our new prayer wall here to leave a prayer request and pray for one on the wall. These can be left anonymously or with your name. Since we cannot physically enter prayers in our book of intentions, this will help us pray for each other and the priests and pastoral staff pray too!




Dear Friends,
The Lord is Risen – Happy Easter!
The Ohio Bishops met yesterday.  After consultation and a close examination of the facts determined that while it is not yet possible to begin the public celebration of Mass, we are looking at a target date of May 30/31 – Pentecost Sunday hopefully to resume our celebrations.  Each of us continues to dispense all Catholics from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and I also dispense from the canonical obligation of Easter Duty.  During his press conference yesterday, Governor DeWine indicated that through increased and widespread testing and other means, much knowledge will emerge to allow for safer conditions for the assemblies of people.  In the meantime we will begin the gradual process in various ways.
This week many of our priests will begin setting aside dedicated time for the Sacrament of Reconciliation on a wide basis by appointment and in places deemed to provide for safety and hygiene.  These locations will include spaces free of the need to touch surfaces such as doors or furniture, providing appropriate social distancing and privacy and limiting the number of people gathered at any one time to a bare minimum.  The locations and contact numbers for appointments will be posted on our Diocesan Website ( ) beginning Wednesday April 29th so that appointments for confessions may be scheduled, and hearing confessions can  begin Friday May 1st.  We will be working to make it possible in at least some of our churches for people to visit and pray during certain hours in the coming weeks.  Again, care for the continued health and safety of those who visit is paramount.
The process of preparing for Mass will encompass many considerations.  We will work to be ensure that the Churches are clean and safe.  We are working to have plans in place to manage seating and movement, allowing for safe social distancing; this may perhaps limit the number of people in the Church or any other spaces at any given time.  We will follow the guidelines for assemblies regarding face-coverings and other protective measures.  It may be necessary to adjust schedules to allow for priests to help each other beyond parish boundaries.  In recent weeks there has been a task force looking at the many opportunities for evangelization here in the diocese.  Their work will turn to provide recommendations on how we as a diocese and as parishes use this time for pastoral and interior preparation.
Looking ahead with hope and anticipation I ask your prayers.  Looking back, I can only do so with deep gratitude for your continued goodness, your sacrifices, your patience and understanding.  I am convinced that the measures we have taken together with the rest of our community have made a significant difference.  Let’s pray for those who have suffered deeply, especially those who have died and those who mourn.  And let’s never forget the sacrifices and hard work that so many people heroically make for us and our well-being.
In the peace of our Risen Lord,
+Bishop Brennan


To help St. Vincent de Paul, click here. You will see SVP listed there, and you can make a one time or recurring donation. This is safe, secure and easy for us to process and get the money to SVP quickly. We know that their funds are low right now.


1st Holy Communion and Confirmation are now cancelled and will need to be pushed back to a later date in the year. The situation remains very fluid long term but we will keep you informed as we learn more.


During this time of isolation, many Catholic companies are providing free faith materials. Magnificat is a popular Catholic daily devotional that has now allowed free access for their online editions. Need something for the kids? Magnifi-kid is also free online. Go to for more details. Enjoy!


Mass and messages from our parish staff are available on our YouTube channel by clicking here. Or, you can view them on our Facebook page by clicking here.It really is not the same without you at Mass, but let’s give thanks to God that we live at a time, and in a place, where this technology makes it possible for us to feel connected. Remember to send likes and hearts during live-streamed Mass!
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As you know, bold steps have been taken to protect public health. This means that our offertory – the major source of income for parish operations – will be negatively impacted. We’re encouraging all parishioners to consider online giving to keep St Brendans strong during this crisis.
You can give securely through either a credit card or bank account. Our staff is very willing to walk you through the process. We’ve set up a special direct link to the giving form at or you can contact the parish office at 614.876.1272 and we can handle it for you. Thank you for continuing to support the parish financially during this crisis.

Please be aware of communications via email or text or possibly even phone calls concerning alternate routing of your offertory. Some phony communications have been received by parishioners who thought that the situation was odd. They had the sense to contact their parish office and, in doing so, discovered that this was indeed a scam. Please do not become a victim to any type of financial scam. If you receive a communication about any financial aspect in relationship to your parish, school, or social outreach, please contact your parish office by phone to authenticate that communication.



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Brendan never reached his intended physical destination but realized he had already glimpsed heaven on earth through his trials, joys, and the natural wonders he encountered. Brendan’s voyage was his path to God and symbolizes a deeper meaning for us all.

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