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Why Middle School Ministry?

We believe in Middle School Ministry because of the example of 12, 13, and 14-year-old saints whose holiness, prayer, and joy have impacted the world and the Church. A relationship with Christ isn’t reserved for adults and we believe that the lives of the saints prove that to us.

Middle Schoolers have big questions and desires that need to be heard, understood, and answered in Middle School. Our Church needs vibrant ministry to Middle Schoolers because studies show that 13 is the median age a person stops identifying as Catholic. Even if their family still attends mass, even if they attend faith formation or Catholic School, 13 is most likely the age they’ve decided if they will continue to be Catholic later in life.

At The Roots, we firmly believe that a  Middle Schooler decides to identify as Catholic because they’ve had a personal encounter with Christ that impacts their whole life. They’ve come to know and believe that a personal relationship with Him is possible and leads to a joy-filled life. The Roots seeks to make the Catholic faith vibrant and personal by offering opportunities to encounter the love of Christ through our joyful community, prayer, reflection on Church teaching, and the Sacraments.


Small Groups 2021

Beginning January 2021 The Roots will only be offering Small Group ministry. This model would allow us to meet in small groups of 8-9 Middle Schoolers and 1-2 Core Team Members every other Sunday. This model means we can keep meeting, we can keep praying, and we can keep having so much fun while also meeting on campus or online in groups of 10 or less.

Register for a Small Group by January 3rd


After careful consideration and the recent escalation we have seen regarding public health we have deemed it necessary to move forward with a small group model for next semester. I believe a transition to small group ministry will bear great fruit. Small groups will allow students to continue to participate in youth ministry at St. Brendan, in-person or virtually, no matter what the health crisis looks like throughout the semester.

There will be 1-2 Core Team Members and 6-8 Middle Schoolers in each small group

Small groups will meet on campus or online depending on the level Franklin County is in and if a Stay-at-Home Advisory is in effect. Your small groups will have a designated Zoom Meeting ID and a designated on-campus meeting site. Use This Diagram to determine if we are in-person or virtual.

Each Core Team Member will lead or co-lead two small groups, a Green Group, and a White Group. Each Small Groups meets Sunday twice a month from 6:45-7:45 pm. View the Small Group Schedule.

View the Small Group Lists Below

White Groups

Green Groups

We are hopeful and tentatively planning an outdoor end of year party for Sunday, May 23rd. However, no other Large Group events are penciled in on our new calendar.

Additional Information

The “Parent Life” blog from Life Teen. Parent Life is a Website dedicated to educating parents on teen culture so that they can be empowered to fearlessly and faithfully guide their teenagers through the modern world.

All youth must have the 2 permission forms below filled out and signed to participate. Youth without a signed permission form will not be permitted to participate. Only one of each permission form for the entire school year of on-campus events is required and will be kept on file. Just bring it with you to the first event you attend.


Coronavirus Waiver Binding Fillable

Core Team

Core Team members are adults, young adults, and parents who receive training in Middle School Ministry. They seek to intentionally accompany Middle Schoolers on their journey of faith by being a constant presence at The Roots. They lead small groups and write and give talks and witnesses. By establishing personal relationships with those they minister to Core Team members have the unique ability to offer their witness of the Christian life. Core Team Members are present at every youth night, lead a small group of 8th Graders at Leadership Team meetings, and participate in a monthly formation night.


This year both High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers are encouraged to register for Week #1 (June 6-June 11).

Also, there is no discount code for camp this year either. The parish wants to focus on giving a discount for families with a greater need. If a family has financial hardship they may apply directly to Fr. Bob for financial support to attend camp. You can either e-mail Fr Bob before September 30 so that the discount is applied before you register, or contact him after registration for assistance.

CYSC also offers a “Winter Camp” Follow this link to find out more information.

Click HERE for more information on receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Brendan.

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