The Dinner Club

The mission of St Brendan’s Dinner Club is to bring parishioners closer to one another as members of the Body of Christ. Everyone belongs. Bonds are created as we break bread together and swap stories, creating real friendships.

The Dinner Club ministry team combines registrants into “clubs” of 8 people with similar profiles (i.e. small children, grown children, no children, newlyweds, singles, etc.) to enjoy 4 shared meals that are hosted at 4 peoples’ homes over the course of 5 months. To register for the 2023 Fall/Winter session, please fill out the form below by August 26, 2023 or contact Rhonda Timko at 614.359.8687 or

The 2023 Fall/Winter Dinner Club season will kick off with a potluck at the parish on September 9, 2023.  At this potluck, your Dinner Club members will be revealed, and you can introduce yourselves, compare calendars, and set the date for your first Dinner Club meal at one of your homes.

Your September 2023 Potluck food contribution should be:

      • Ministry Team = Entree and all beverages
      • Dinner Club registrants with last names A-H = Side dish to share
      • Dinner Club registrants with last names I-P = Dessert to share
      • Dinner Club registrants with last names Q-Z = Appetizer dish to share

If you are unable to attend the Potluck in September, you will be notified of all the other people in your Dinner Club so you can arrange your first club dinner together.

As depicted above, sign up season after season to meet and make friends with more parishioners!  Even if you feel like you have enough friends already, know that many people are new to the parish.  Receiving a smile and greeting by name at mass can remind us all that we are loved.


“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  Hebrews 13:2


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