The Scrip program allows families to earn rebates toward school tuition, offertory, MFF tuition, or athletic fees, as well as contribute to the tuition assistance program. You can also specify your rewards to go to a grandchild, other relative, friend, or an anonymous student or athlete who could benefit from this tuition/fee reduction program. Physical and/or electronic gift cards can be purchased and rebates earned are applied toward next year’s tuition (75%) and the tuition assistance fund (25%). The Scrip year runs from June 1 until May 31.

How can I buy SCRIP?

St. Brendan uses an online ordering and payment process. If you don’t already have an account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green “Get Started” button in the top right corner
  3. Click on the blue “Join Your Existing Program” button
  4. Input the St. Brendan enrollment code: 3A836D816191
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the registration


This will allow you to be able to place your order online. Specific deadlines have been identified.
See below.

Next, in order to be able to pay for your order online, you’ll need to set up your PrestoPay account. Paying with PrestoPay will charge a $0.15 convenience fee, but streamlines the process. PrestoPay set up takes at least two business days to set up before use.

No waiting for checks to be cashed!

  1. Log into your Scrip account
  2. Click “Dashboard” at the top of the page
  3. Under “Family Functions,” click “PrestoPay”
  4. Follow the steps to enroll in PrestoPay
  5. You will receive two small deposits into the bank account you elect to connect to your Scrip account (usually within a couple of days)
  6. Once you see them, log back into the Scrip site, navigate to PrestoPay and input the deposit amounts
  7. You will receive a code
  8. Email that code to
  9. You will receive a confirmation when your account has been updated and you’ll be ready to pay online!


Fill your cart with your gift cards and select the PrestoPay option (not check).

How do I receive my cards?

If you elect to receive physical cards, you can receive your cards in two ways:

  1. Receive via backpack mail (for school families) during the school year
  2. At the parish office during normal business hours
Accommodations can be made if necessary to make other arrangements.
Email the box.Cards will be available by the Friday after the order deadlines.

If you elect to receive electronic cards, you’ll select ScripNow as you’re placing items in your cart. When you pay (with PrestoPay), your electronic cards will usually be ready within minutes. You can order electronic and physical gift cards in the same order. ScripNow cards are ready within minutes and the physical cards will be received/ready per the methods above.

An added option:

You can also access ScripNow cards right in the store/from your mobile device, access your mobile device’s browser and go to You can add this site to your home screen and access it at any time with your shopwithscrip site login information. This page only shows ScripNow available cards. You can order your electronic gift card anytime, including just before you check out!

When are orders due?

Place your order by 6:00 PM by the dates below and we’ll have them ready by the following Friday.

2020-2020: (dates to come)

If you need any assistance or have questions, please email