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Alumni Information

Letter from the Principal

Dear Saint Brendan Alumni and Friends,

“When I think of my time at Saint Brendan, I always think of __________.”  (Fill in the Blank)

We are sure the answers are as varied as the individuals receiving this letter. Saint Brendan holds a special place in the hearts and minds of all who have walked its halls and studied in its classrooms; or had a child, spouse, sibling, parent, uncle, aunt or friend do the same.  Whether your memories return to a favorite class, a mentoring teacher, a special sport or activity, or the lifelong friends you have made, the common thread among the Saint Brendan family has always been the life-changing experience that helped shape the success of its alumni.

We at Saint Brendan School recognize the sacrifices that so many have to make to allow for a Saint Brendan education. We are starting a brand new alumni association in order to recognize your commitment to our school, to help you reconnect with families, friends, and classmates from your time at Saint Brendan. Please visit the alumni portion of our website to let us know where you are on your life’s journey. We want to hear about all of your successes, and we look forward to having a chance to talk to you and your family soon.


Will Gruber

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