Facility Use Guidelines


The purpose of our facilities is to celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ and to serve the needs of our Catholic community.  Our facilities are a sacred religious place.  At all times, we are to respect the principles of our faith in the manner in which we use our facilities.

In order to maintain the sacred nature of our facilities, they may never be used in a manner that contradicts the tenets and principles of the Roman Catholic Church.  These prohibited uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Events that celebrate actions and rituals that are contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • Events that support behavior that is contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • Events that promote conduct, products, and activities that are contrary to the tenets and principles of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • Conduct that is not in keeping with civil laws and regulations, and
  • Conduct that offends Roman Catholic Church teachings regarding the sanctity of human life.The primary purpose of this sacred religious place is for use by Roman Catholic Church entities and organizations.  However, in the spirit of service to our community and in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, we will consider a limited pre-approved use of our facilities by entities and organizations that are not a part of the Roman Catholic Church.  These groups must agree that they will respect the sacred religious nature of our facilities and will abide by the guidelines set forth herein.St Brendan Parish rents parish facilities for social events that are connected to a sacramental celebration (i.e., baptism, confirmation, or rehearsal dinners and wedding celebrations) and this is only when the sacrament is held at St Brendan Parish.  Other private events will typically not be scheduled for our facilities.All groups scheduling use of our space (example: Red Cross) will be required to sign this Agreement each time they book with us.  The group representative, not the parish contact, will be required to sign the Agreement.

    All requests for space rental or use for non-parish/school and non-Diocesan events will be reviewed and approved by our Pastor, Fr Bob Penhallurick (frbob@stbrendans.net), Business Manager, Tom Kollar (tkollar@stbrendans.net), or their designee.

St Brendan the Navigator
Regulations for Facility Use

  1. Scheduling of all activities shall be approved by the Pastor or Business Manager.
  2. The serving of food or beverages by Facility Use Applicant shall be approved, in advance, by the Pastor, Business Manager or their designee.
  3. At the conclusion of each activity, Facility Use Applicant shall be responsible for returning the facility to its original condition.  This shall include, but not be limited to, rearranging furniture, taking trash to the dumpster and vacuuming the carpet/floor.
  4. Absolutely no decorations or signs are to be attached or affixed in any way to any floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings or chandeliers.  All plaques, pictures, icons, etc. affixed to the walls are permanent parts of the facility and at no time may be removed.
  5. Under no circumstances will church equipment or property be removed from the building.
  6. St Brendan the Navigator will provide a contact person to be available to Facility Use Applicant during all activities.  The contact is fully empowered to enforce these regulations.
  7. There will be no smoking inside the building or anywhere on the campus.  We are a Tobacco-free Campus.  Failure to adhere to this provision is grounds for immediate cancellation of this agreement.
  8. Facility Use Applicant shall pay to St Brendan a rental fee for the use of the facility space.
  9. Facility Use Applicant is responsible for any Liability or Property Damage that occurs as a result of their activity.  St Brendan the Navigator and/or the Diocese of Columbus will pursue legal action if warranted.  Facility Use Applicant must provide St Brendan with proof of liability and property damage insurance coverage with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence.  A Certificate of Insurance naming St Brendan the Navigator and the Diocese of Columbus as Additional Insured must be submitted to the Pastor, Business Manager or their designee prior to the first scheduled activity.  Facility Use Applicant shall not change or cancel this insurance without prior, written notice to St Brendan the Navigator.  Should the policy be cancelled by Facility Use Applicant, St Brendan reserves the right to cancel this agreement immediately, without penalty.
  10. As an alternative to the requirements of Section 9, Facility Use Applicant may purchase Special Event Coverage insurance through Catholic Mutual.  If choosing this alternative, Facility Use Applicant must submit the application and appropriate payment for Special Event Coverage no less than 15 days in advance of their event.  Payment for this insurance is in addition to the fee charged in Section 8.
  11. If the event or program on St Brendan property entails any parents or guardians of minors (defined as younger than 18 years of age or 21 years or younger for persons who are developmentally disabled) giving over care, custody, or control of their children to others, all adults (defined as 18 years of age or older) working with those minors must have a background check acceptable to St Brendan performed and attend a Protecting God’s Children seminar prior to commencing any activity at the facility.  It is Facility Use Applicant’s responsibility to assure compliance with this requirement and appropriate filing of paperwork with St Brendan.  Facility Use Applicant agrees to reimburse St Brendan for costs associated with the background check and training.