St Brendan Men

St Brendan Men (SBM) is the all-encompassing ministry for all the men in the parish. SBM helps the men of the parish to grow in their faith and discipleship of Christ through Bible studies, faith-sharing, and fellowship groups.

Saint Brendan Men’s (SBM) ministry invites all men of the parish to join us for faith and fellowship. Just show up!  The following session is currently being offered:

Jesus did not say to the Jews, “I’ve come to save you from Roman oppression and taxation.” Christ did not promise a worldly kingdom. In fact, He said, “In the world you will have tribulation … yet I have overcome the world … My kingship is not of this world … My kingdom is in your midst … My kingdom is within you!”
The ST BRENDAN MEN’S GROUP returns this Saturday, September 18 for Thy Kingdom Come from That Man is You. Join us in the Davidson Rd Meeting Room A between 6:30 and 7 AM for light food and coffee; followed by the program from 7 to 8 AM. All men are welcome! View the trailer at:

Saturday Men’s Group

Typically involves a video series and discussion.

DATES: Saturday mornings
TIME: 7 – 8 AM (virtual room opens between 6:45 – 7 AM)

For more information check our Facebook page at St. Brendan Men’s Ministry or contact:

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Men’s Retreat

An annual day of retreat and reflections for the men of the parish which is prepared by the men of the parish.

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