Inviting Catholics Home

If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church, we welcome you back!

Many Catholics fall away from the church and stop attending. And yet something happens in life that draws us back, a need to understand the deeper meaning of life, a desire to know Christ with an adult’s faith, or a loss that makes us reach out for Jesus in a way we never have before.

Frankly, many non-practicing Catholics have a hard time coming back to Church simply because they have no idea how to start. They may have many questions and even some serious issues they need to have assistance with as they re-join the Church.

Inviting Catholics Home is a program developed to both invite inactive Catholics back to their faith and support them as they become involved again in their faith and our Church.

The Inviting Catholics Home program provides someone interested in becoming active with:

  • Contact with a group of active parishioners interested in helping them feel welcome.
  • Resources and contacts to answer their questions and help them with their issues.
  • Programs and meetings throughout the year to provide the returning Catholic with updates
    on the Mass and Sacraments, changes in the Church, basic Catholic beliefs, and other
    subjects of interest.

Regardless of why you left or got out of the habit of going to Mass, you can always come home and return to the practice of the sacraments and the fullness of relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church he founded. If you feel God calling you back but don’t know what to do next, please call the parish office at 614.876.1272 or email:

Sheri Raitz | 614.876.1272 |
Deacon Jim Morris |

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Recommended Radio Listening

“Catholic talk radio gives everyone an opportunity to hear the truth of the Catholic faith daily. Since St. Gabriel Catholic Radio started broadcasting in August, 2005, a growing number of the station’s listeners have reported a strengthening and greater understanding of their faith. I invite you to listen to St. Gabriel Catholic Radio, where you will find encouragement to live your Catholic faith.”

~ Most Reverend Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., Ph.D., Bishop of Columbus