Ministry for Health & Wellness

Healthy Eating in a Hurry

One of the biggest perceived barriers to eating healthy, is not having the time to plan, shop, or cook healthy foods. Join us for a discussion on ways that can help you save time, while also saving your nutrition. We will discuss shopping, prepping, and cooking time-hacks (including using tools such as crockpots, air fryers, and instant pots.)

Join us on Tuesday, April 23 from 6-7 PM in the School Media Center.



Healthy Eating On the Go

April Health and Wellness Tip

fish-eye aerial shot of buildings and trees

April is “Earth Day” Month.

When we think about health and wellness, we usually think about nutrition and exercise. However, there are over 80,000 chemicals in widespread commercial use, many making their way into our cleaning products, often without being tested first. This presents a danger to the health of your home and our planet.

Switch out your more harmful cleaning products for healthier, more natural alternatives. Let’s make every day Earth Day, for a healthy home and planet!

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