Evangelization & Catechesis Volunteers

Children’s Faith Formation

Our parish provides quality faith formation opportunities for children from kindergarten and up to grade 8. Classes are offered on Monday evenings – grades K-6 (4:30-5:45 PM) and grades 1-8 (6:15-7:30 PM). Grade 7 & 8 classes are also offered on Sundays (4-5:25 PM). Volunteers are needed to be catechists, aides, childcare workers, office workers, etc. Training and lesson plans are provided for catechists and aides.

Joshua Kilmer | 614.876.1272 ext 231 | jkilmer@stbrendans.net

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Children’s Home Faith

We believe that faith happens in families first.  The Home Faith Program for grades 1-8 is designed for parents to use with children at home in place of the Sunday/Monday evening sessions held throughout the catechetical year. This program uses texts designed specifically for parents with children in different grade levels and at varying levels of faith development.

Joshua Kilmer | 614.876.1272 EXT 231 | jkilmer@stbrendans.net

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Children’s Liturgy of the Word

This program is during Mass when the priest invites children (ages 4-9) to go to a separate area for Mass readings and Catholic faith teachings. Volunteers teach and offer assistance during these sessions.

Teresa Boyne | 614.876.1272 ext 450 | tboyne@stbrendans.net

Adult Catechesis

Since we never stop growing in the knowledge of our faith, we offer a variety of educational workshops and opportunities for both personal and family enrichment. Activities are offered year round and are designed to foster personal and spiritual growth in our church community. Volunteers are needed to help facilitate studies.

Dan McCallister | 614.876.1272 ext 244 | dmccallister@stbrendans.net

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA process welcomes new members into the Roman Catholic Church. RCIA members meet once a week from September until May. The process is both a journey with the Christian community and a journey in personal faith discovery and formation. Volunteers are needed as RCIA team members, or as sponsors who are willing to attend all sessions to accompany those being initiated.

Dan McCallister | 614.876.1272 ext 244 | dmccallister@stbrendans.net

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Vacation Bible School

For one summer week, children experience God’s love through energetic music, interesting dramas, creative crafts, fun games and a tasty treat. Approximately two hundred volunteers make it happen!

Jill Williams | jillazd@yahoo.com

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Youth Ministry

High school youth ministry helps teens to encounter the person of Jesus Christ and to become His disciples. Throughout the year we engage in various activities, service projects for the church and community, retreats, pilgrimage to Washington DC, paintballing, and more!

David Mesina | 614.876.1272 EXT. 232 | Dmesina@stbrendans.net

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