Confirmation Service Hour Log

Participating in service projects is often very rewarding. The opportunity to give service to people and/or projects in our family, Church, neighborhood, community etc…allows us to grow in faith, understanding and experience. When we put our faith into action, we are often surprised by how God enriches our lives through the experiences we have, the people we help, and the rewards we harvest by giving something of our time and talent to others.

We ask each teen preparing for Confirmation to complete at least 6 hours of service. You may earn these hours through the same project or more than one and it can be done alone or within a group. Students may count any service hours completed during the summer after Grade 7  through the day prior to Confirmation. Each student is to complete the information below as the service is completed and click SUBMIT when you are finished. Repeat if you have more than 1 entry.

If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Creeger