Parent Ideas

The Home Faith books are the guide we use to present each lesson. How can we help the lessons come alive? How can we form faith engaging environments at home? Here are ideas parents came up with!
  • Set up a special place at home to do Home Faith (e.g. with pictures, prayer table, special chairs, away from distractions, etc.)
  • Set aside special resources to use during Home Faith (special markers, crafts, notebooks etc)
  • Use games to spice up the lessons: fun review games from previous lesson with a prize or treat; finding games with a point that help children to understand themes of lessons. (Examples: guided blindfolded activity to understand how we walk by faith and are called to trust in God; prepare a scavenger hunt to look for different objects that relate to a lesson(s)).  See our pinterest page for additional ideas and contribute your own!:
  • Have special one-on-one time before or after Home Faith Lesson (daddy daughter date,  mother son date, etc.). Take them out to ice cream afterward and have a heart-to-heart to discuss the lesson further.
  • Kid’s version of Stations of the Cross
  • Related Youtube or FORMED video clip to start each lesson
  • Make lessons experiential with hands-on activities (getting involved in hurricane relief project or service project after talking about loving our neighbor; going to church and lighting a votice candle after talking about prayer)
  • Young kids: act out bible or saint stories (have children dress up and act out or role play with stuffed animals)
  • Older kids: have them work on a semester-long project (e.g. a mural, canvas painting, craft, creative writing piece, journal, etc.) that they work on each week to depict lesson. By the end of the semester they will have completed their project!
  • Have children become the “teacher” and after each lesson ask them to teach you about the lesson in their own words
  • Pick one activity and bible story from the Faith First family guides to use each week
  • Find age appropriate bibles to read bible stories from: Jesus Storybook Bible (audio and book); the Catholic Children’s Bible; Break-through Bible For Young Catholics.
  • Trade off with spouse to have focused teaching time with each child.
  • Life of a Saint “research” project 

Parent’s “Best of” ideas & suggestions for Home Faith:

  • Engaging video clips (for older kids: Ascension Presents and Chris Stefanick; for younger kids: see FORMED children’s videos)
  • Take part in community service opportunties (helping assemble care packages; visit food pantry, go to St. Vincent De Paul sandwhich making at church)
  • Get organized and set up google reminders for lessons
  • Get into a routine: Have set day and time for home faith (make sure it’s when kids aren’t normally grumpy!)
  • Family Prayer: special prayers before bed; Go to Eucharistic Adoration with family on Wednesday nights at St. Brendan
  • Collaborate with other parents on lessons
  • Meet with a group of peers to do lessons together
  • Have children do art projects with a point (painting, crafts, sculptures, dioramas, creative writing)
  • Watch and discuss movies with a point. Christian reviews on movies, books, and video games available here:
  • Holiday Activities: Advent wreath, nativity scene, easter projects, stations of the cross
  • Saying and learning prayers after lesson (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

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