Children’s Home Faith

Our Home Faith Program

Our parish community supports parents in their vocation as the primary educators of their children by providing faith formation opportunities. Together, our goal is to offer a faith-engaging experience that allows children to discover the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith and grow in their relationship with God.

The Home Faith program (for grades 1-8) is designed for parents to use at home in place of the Sunday afternoon/Monday evening sessions held throughout the school year. If you are interested in the option of teaching your children from home, the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis will happily provide you with the resources needed for your child’s faith formation.


*All elementary & middle school children not attending St. Brendan School are expected to register for Faith Formation classes or Home Faith beginning in first grade. Although not required, we offer a kindergarten class at our early session.  Click HERE to register!

Parent Meetings 2019-20 (coming soon)

Parents participating in the Home Faith program are required to attend all meetings throughout the year.

Lesson Plans 2019-20 (coming soon)

  • Grade 1 – 5
  • Grade 6
    Grade 6 Home Faith Videos & Assessments
  • Grade 7
    Grade 7 Home Faith Videos & Assessments
  • Grade 8
    Grade 8 Home Faith Videos & Assessments

Important Documents 2019-20 (coming soon)

Grade 6-8 Requirements

Grade 6 & 7 Student Requirements:  Dates to be determined

  • Attend at least two Middle School Youth Ministry events
  • Attend at least one night of the Parish Mini-Mission
  • Attend at least one Faith Formation Mass during the school year
  • Take Mid-Term in parish office

Grade 8 Confirmation Requirements 
8th grade is a pivotal year as students ready themselves for Confirmation and prepare for high school. This is why 8th grade students are asked to meet certain requirements before they can be confirmed. These requirements are intended to help students deepen their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ. Each 8th grade student in Faith Formation Classes, Home Faith, and the School commits to the following:

  • Attending the 8th Grade Fall Confirmation Retreat: 2 night retreat hosted at Damascus Catholic Mission Campus, CYSC’s brand new high-adventure camp. Past retreats have been a huge success that made a positive impact on the rest of the year. This year, the retreat will take place on Friday, 9/28 – Sunday, 9/30.  More details to come in August.
  • Completing 13 service hours during 8th grade year (hours may begin to be applied at the beginning of the summer after 7th grade). Service hours need to be completed by April 1st. It is best for service hours to be completed through a ministry or event at St. Brendan Church. Our office will periodically send out volunteer requests throughout the year. If needed, students may also complete their service hours through other types of service activities within the community as long as they are not paid to do it and the service falls in line with the Catholic Faith. Service Hours will need to be recorded on the Log Sheet
  • Attend at least two Middle School Youth Ministry events (Dates TBD)
  • Attend at least one Faith Formation Mass during the school year (Dates TBD)
  • Take Mid-Term in parish office
  • For parents, there is a required Confirmation parent meeting in the fall. Dates and details will be sent out closer to the beginning of classes.
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