Get to Know Bonnie Creeger

Name: Bonnie Creeger

Title:  Assistant to the Director of Evangelization & Catechesis


  1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Bonnie Creeger.  I am the oldest of 5 girls & grew up in Galloway (southwest of Columbus).  I attended St. Cecilia Elementary, Bishop Ready High School, and Ohio Dominican where I began a major in Chemistry with a minor in Biology.  After 2 years, I felt God calling me in a different direction and switched my major to Theology with a minor in Music.  While attending college and pursuing my masters in Theology at ODU, I worked as a Youth Minister at St. Agatha Church.  After a couple of years, I wanted to go full-time in ministry and through the help of a close friend, took a position as Coordinator of Religious Education at a small parish in Canton, Ohio.  I switched to the University of Dayton to complete my master’s degree because they offered an on-line program.  After working in Canton for almost 10 years under 3 different priests, I felt burned out and I was really missing my family as we are very close!  Prayer led me to St. Brendan Church – I was hired and met my husband Lloyd several months after (who at the time had 2 nieces enrolled in St. Brendan School – what a God connection).  My husband Lloyd and I are happily married and just celebrated our 3-year wedding Anniversary on 12/19/18.


  1. Tell us about your role here. What are you in charge of? Who do you work with a lot? What other departments do you coordinate with? What all does your job entail?

My main role is to assist the Director of Evangelization & Catechesis with our program for children in Kindergarten up through 8th grade.  I handle day to day e-mails, phone calls, tasks etc. that relate to our Faith Formation Class and Home Faith Programs.  I also help with preparations for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation for the children in our Faith Formation and School.  I am responsible for program/Sacrament registrations and fees as well as ordering all materials needed.  I create and manage the calendar and budget for our entire department.  I also work closely with the part-time Early Childhood Coordinator and Monday night Facilitator.  My minor role is to assist the other staff members in our Department of Evangelization & Catechesis including the Pastoral Associate for RCIA & Adult Catechesis as well as the Director of High School Youth & Young Adult Ministries. I also coordinate with the Administrative Secretary for matters regarding the Calendar as well as the Finance Office for anything related to budget/purchasing.


  1. How did you come to work at St Brendan’s? When did you start working here? What made you want to apply here?

My previous job in Church Ministry became very challenging and I realized I needed a change of pace to take time to focus on my personal life, health, and family.  At that time, I was also discerning a call to Religious Life and was looking for a job in ministry that would still allow me freedom to make weekend visits to different Religious orders.  I prayed and searched for over a year for available jobs and finally came upon St. Brendan.  I loved the mission of the Church and I felt peaceful about the decision so it seemed to be where God was calling me.  I was hired on December 10, 2012 and started my 6th year here this past December!


  1. What is the best part of your job here?

I love being part of a team working together with a common vision to minister & bring the love of God to our faith community.  I also love the uplifting e-mails from volunteers and families about the different ways God is touching their hearts and lives through things they are learning or conversations they are having at St. Brendan. I love the prayer/support time with staff as well as the care we are given.


  1. What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Relax and spend time with my husband and family.  A PJ day is also nice to have every once in a while. 😊 My husband and I also love to travel, so road trips are always a fun way to spend our time off!


  1. Favorite book:

I love to read!  When I was a little girl it was “Keep the Lights Burning Abbie” which I still own.  As an adult I like the contemplative book called “Mary’s Song:  Living Her Timeless Prayer” as well as any Christian mystery books by Dee Henderson.


  1. Favorite movie:

Romantic Comedy: “While you were Sleeping” or “You’ve Got Mail.”  Action/Drama: “The Net.”  Mystery:  Alfred Hitchcock or Agatha Christie (“And Then There Were None” is my favorite).  I also love to watch the Hallmark Channel (especially at Christmastime)


  1. Favorite Saint:

Therese of Lisieux, aka the Little Flower.  She is the saint I honored when I chose my Confirmation name.  I love her simplicity, purity & great love for God.  All the women in my dad’s family also have this name, so she is very special to me!


  1. Go-to snack: Salty:

Doritos or Nachos with Queso dip.  Sweet:  Ice Cream and anything Chocolate


  1. Tell us what you’re proud of:

A ministry to the homeless called “Mathew 8:20” that I helped get off the ground at the previous parish where I worked.  During my time there, we obtained a large trailer with shelving which we used to transport a selection of clothing/shoes/personal care items etc.…to an area with a higher population of homeless people.  We also provided them a hot meal prepared by our ministry volunteers.  We refurbished the youth house basement into a place for collecting and sorting donated items.  The Ministry is still very much alive and continuing to serve those in need and my family is still involved in helping sometimes.


Matthew 8:20 – And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”


  1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Say the morning offering prayer my parents taught me and my sisters when we were little. We prayed it together every morning while waiting for the bus before school.  “Good morning Dear Jesus!  Bless our day today.  Everything that we do and all that we say.  Be with us in our good times and our not so good times.  Help us to be Christian, kind, loving examples of you” followed by an Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be.  I usually follow this by intentions for the day and any other prayers.


  1. Tell us anything else you think we should know! Or any fun facts you have about yourself.
  • My favorite Holiday is Christmas and I have a pretty large Christmas Village I enjoy setting up every year!
  • I love to sing & have been part of many choirs. I took piano lessons up through 6th grade & even though I own a piano, I haven’t played in a while.  I used to play the clarinet & I am currently teaching myself how to play the guitar.
  • I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York City with my College Campus Ministry 6 months after 9/11 happened. Our group teamed up with the Salvation Army to volunteer at Food Canteen Tent helping to feed and offer materials to the workers that were cleaning up the World Trade Center site.  We also had the opportunity to visit and talk to students in the local grade school, many of whom lost loved ones that day!  It was unforgettable.
  • I attended to the last World Youth Day with Pope (now Saint) John Paull II in Canada & the first World Youth Day with Pope Benedict in Germany.