Advent Events

DECEMBER 3, 2-3:30 PM

Join us for a new Advent tradition brought to you by Father Bob’s own tradition! Bring your family and friends to the Christingle Event! The Christingle is a special symbol full of meaning around the Christmas story. Craft one with us and learn about its meaning from 2 – 2:45 PM while you enjoy refreshments and community in the Davidson Rooms, then come to church to participate in a service full of music, prayer, and preparation for Jesus’ birth. See below for more information about Christingle.




The Giving Trees are up in the Church Gathering Space! Please take a tag and follow the instructions. Your donations will go to a variety of causes (see poster in the Gathering Space for details or view pdf attachment HERE.) If you prefer online shopping, visit our Amazon Wishlist HERE. Make your purchase online and they will be delivered directly to our Giving Tree committee member, Marge Cogan.

We have extended the deadlines for the Christmas Giving Tree items to be returned. Items are now due back by December 10 with the exceptions of Festa Good Tidings Store, St Francis Center & The Vine Mission Trip. Place purchased items by the trees in the lobby by:

  • Festa Good Tidings Christmas Store – due December 5
  • St Francis Evangelization Center – due December 8
  • St Vincent de Paul, Hilliard Food Pantry, Holy Family, J.O.I.N., Mommies Matter, KofC Coats for Kids, Care & Consolation – due December 10 
  • The Vine Mission Trip – due December 17

Questions? Contact Rhonda at or call her at 614-313-2066.



Do you know any family members, neighbors or friends who are no longer practicing their Catholic faith? What would happen if each of us invited just one person to attend Mass with us?

This Christmas, we are asking each of our parish family members to “Invite ONE back” to Mass with them. To aid your efforts, we have created a special invitation greeting card which will be available for you to take home after Masses beginning on November 18. An electronic version, which may be emailed. Download the pdf file 2023 Christmas Mass Invitation and attach it to a personalized message or paste the jpg file into your email. 

Christingle, from a word of German origin, Christkindl, meaning “Little Christ Child”, is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the Light of the World. A modern Christingle is made from a candle in an orange (representing the light and the world) which is typically decorated with a red ribbon and sweets or dried fruit across the United Kingdom since before the World Wars.

The tradition began in Germany in 1747 as “an attempt to get children to think about Jesus”. At that time, it was just a red ribbon wrapped around a candle (it is unclear how an orange came to be incorporated.) The custom was popularized in the United Kingdom by John Pensom in 1968.

  • An orange, representing the world
  • A candle pushed into the centre of the orange, then lit, representing Jesus Christ as the Light of the World
  • A red ribbon wrapped around the orange or paper frill around the candle, representing the blood of Christ
  • Dried fruits and/or sweets skewered on cocktail sticks or toothpicks pushed into the orange, representing the fruits of the earth and the four seasons.

    Alternate additions include:

    • Foil wrapped around the candle, to prevent hand burns if candle wax runs down the orange
    • Cloves studded into the orange, as a replacement for the dried fruits and/or sweets, making it into a modern pomander.


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